5 Great Star

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  • Producer: EGT
  • Drums: 3
  • Winning lines: 5
  • RTP: 94.6%
  • Autoplay option: So

5 Great Star automat online

There are many ways to relax after a hard day at work, and one of the most popular is playing video games or slot machines. Especially the second form of spending free time is becoming more and more popular among many people. When looking for an online slot where you can play, it is worth giving a chance to the 5 great star machine. EGT production is a combination of classic and proven solutions, with innovative ways of presenting and the appearance of an online slot.

5 Great Star Game Automat will work as a game for beginners who want to find out to play in online casinos for real money, but she should also like older players. The latter will appreciate references to older, already iconic vending machines, so -called games single -armed bandit fruit, which were a regular visitor to bars or pubs in the old days. If you are thinking about playing on this machine, but you are not sure if you like it, try 5 Great Star for free on our website - you will do it without spending money and registration!

Basic features 5 great star

As we have already mentioned, 5 Great Star Online is a fairly simple machine, without many complex functions - which does not mean that the game on it is boring. On the contrary, fun on this slot is really good. The slot has 5 drums, 5 lines each. In the game you will also find the same number of winning lines. In addition, Jackpot is also to be won on the slot, which is constantly increasing, along with the course of the game.

Unfortunately, the slot does not have the symbols of Wild or Scatter - so fans of getting free spins will be disappointed with this machine. There is also no additional multipliers during the game or bonus rounds, increasing our winnings. 5 Great Star for real money and in the free version has a gamble system - offering us an increase in each of our winnings.

The game also offers 5 different rates, with the lowest 5 loans (or diamonds, because this is how the machine presents them), and the largest - 100. All winnings are multiplied by the plant for which we played, so the higher the rate, the greater the winnings! These, in turn, will be quite common, because the RTP of this slot is 95.96%.

Won in 5 great star

It's time to discuss the most important part of each machine, i.e. a table of payments. All symbols in the game refer to the classic and probably known to each signs - we will draw cherries, lemons, bells and 7 on the drums, as well as much more. How exactly do wins look for individual symbols? Assuming that we are playing for a 10 loan plant, we can win:

ssymbol CC kch Dirt
Star 200 1,000 10,000
7 100 400 3,000
Bell 50 200 1,000
Fruit 40 100 400

5 Great Star - how to play?

After discussing potential winnings, it's time to describe the course of the game on this machine. Before starting the game, it is worth getting acquainted with the regulations - regardless of whether we are playing for the first or hundredth time. Vending machines change, and each slot also has its own rules - reading them should always be the first step we will take before playing.

You will find them under the blue button with the sign "I", and more detailed regulations are available after pressing the Help button, placed above your account. In both you will find information about winning, available additional games or occurring symbols. You will also learn what individual buttons do, or how the winning lines run.

Once you finish reading, you can start betting. 5 Great Star Slot starts automatically after selecting the plant's amount from the strap on the display. The exact rates of the plants are visible on 5 buttons, so you can't be mistaken. On the left side of the screen is the button responsible for turning off the sound, starting the full screen and autographs. The latter may interest those who do not like to start another one after each turnover free gambling games - Automatic gameplay will make it easier to enjoy the game, because the whole process will take place automatically until you get a lot of win.

The gameplay itself is very exciting, mainly due to great graphics - despite the fact that the machine is not revealing, it offers symbols in great resolution, which significantly improves fun.

Bonusy 5 Great Star

The last thing is worth mentioning are bonuses that can be played on the machine. As we have already written in earlier sections, no here Free Free Spins or bonus games, but there are some well -thought -out solutions that will reward us. The first is Jackpot, which is constantly growing during our game - its current rates can be checked at the top of the machine. Random after the end of the rotation, the game can reward us with the possibility of picking up it - we will receive 4 covered cards to choose from, under which another symbol will hide and the amount assigned to it.

In addition, we can also bet on all our winnings in the risk. This will allow us to double her, up to 4 times! All we have to do is correctly bet on the color of the card drawn by the machine - but if we fail, the whole win will be lost. This is a risky fun, but it will allow us to quickly increase our funds - provided that we are lucky.

Try 5 Great Star for free

After reading this review, we are sure that you want to play in the 5th Great Star Demo - you can do it on our website, even without logging in to your account. Just a few minutes of playing to understand why this seemingly simple slot is so loved by the crowds of players. Simple rules will allow you to play, even if it is the first machine you ever play. And for some time we advise you to try to play in Online casino without a deposit. All we have to do is wish you good luck!


Is playing in 5 Great Star possible for free?
Yes! You can play 5 Great Star without registration and for free on our website - run this slot and play as long as you want!
Does 5 Great Star offer free spins?
No, unfortunately there is no such bonus on this slot. 5 Great Star, however, has a jackpot system, as well as a risk game after winning - so there is no interesting bonuses on it!
Can you play for real money in 5 Great Star?
This is possible in legal, certified online casinos in Australia - so make sure that the place where you play has all the necessary permits.
Is it necessary to download it to play 5 Great Star?
No, you don't have to download this slot on your device. Just run them using a web browser - on a computer or a portable device.
Play the fruit slot 5 Great Star on the GG BET casino website without registration!