Age of Gods

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  • Producer: Playtech
  • Drums: 5
  • Winning lines: 20
  • RTP: 95.02%
  • Free spins: So
  • Autoplay option: So

Age of the Gods - free game machine

Age of the Gods Game automatic is a production created by Studio Playtech, which charms the game mechanics, a wealth of special options and a spectacular audiovisual setting. The title of the slot itself indicates its subject to some extent. The story motif in the Age of the Gods online slot is the world of the gods, and more precisely: deities known for Hellenic and Pre -Hellenic mythology. The most valuable symbols in Age of the Gods are images of Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite, Hercules and Posedon. There is also a symbol of Hades in the game, but the god of hell does not bring happiness to the player, on the contrary.

Age of the Gods at first glance can resemble a classic slot modeled on popular one -armed bandits. In fact, however, production from PlayTech is quite complex and demanding game primarily due to the complex structure of bonus options and their multitude. So the risk of your money in online casino On the slot of Age of the Gods, it is a good idea without any preparation? Of course not. Fortunately, the player can thoroughly test this slot through its demo version, which is on our website. Age of the Gods for free demo version does not require the user to create an account or logging in. Just open the machine in the web browser window. We play virtual tokens, which is why the demo version is not associated with any economic risk. There are also no limits of the game.

Technical functions and specifications Age of the Gods

Age of the Gods slot od studia Playtech to automate video apocus, in which we are dealing with a common board with a distribution of 3 rows, 5 drums and 20 prize lines. There are scatters and the Wild symbol in the game. Optionally, multipliers may also appear (this may take place in bonus rounds or in the standard game after activating the Pantheon of Power function). In addition, Age of the Gods offers the player Free spins, which in addition can be multiplied during bonus games.

RTP Age of the Gods is 95.73%. This is a fairly average result. The slot from PlayTech is also characterized by variability on the border of high and variable. For the player, this means the possibility of quite long turns in which no winnings will appear. Variability in this slot also sometimes affects the course of rounds with free spinnings, which sometimes end without drawing even one combination of winning symbols.

In the slot we can bet on 0.2 to 40 tokens per spin. Age of the Gods is available for mobile devices. Players can use the Autoplay option. However, we will not find the Gamble option, i.e. the plant, under which the player can strive to multiply the winnings for individual turns. Age of the Gods has 4 different modes of Jackpot. The mode is randomly launched during the standard game. The maximum win is 200 times the plant's amount.

Tabela wypłat Age of the Gods

The Age of the Gods automat, for real money, offers players decent solvency for standard symbols and high solvency of special symbols. Below we present the table of winnings for the following configuration: the plant for the amount of 20 tokens and 3 hits of a given symbol on the prize line.

ssymbol Win
Q 12
Aphrodite 25
Hercules 30
Poseidon 40
Athens 60
Age of the Gods (Scatter) 3
WILD 400

Age of the Gods - basic rules

Wage of the Gods Demo (and in the casino version of the slot) the game should be started with the tab with rules. To open the Principles Section and Table, just select the Info button. On the main screen we also see the autographs and turbo or with bonus for without deposit registration.

AUTOGRA The option is designed to configure the automatic game.
Turbo However, it allows you to rotate the slot drums faster.

At Age of the Gods we do not have the option to change the number of active prize lines. The height of the plant on the spin is therefore configured in the screen on the line on the line, which is visible next to the number 20 illustrating the winning lines. In the central part of the screen we see the Total Stake section, i.e. the overall value of our plant on the spin. We do the spin with the spin button.

In Age of the Gods, the game comes in fact to wait for the entrance to the bonus round with free spins. Of course, there are also winnings in the standard game, but due to RTP and the variability of the slot they are rather sporadic. So it is a machine dedicated to those players who have the right budget and patience. Unfortunately, RTP at 95.73% does not promise too high solvency. The game can be lucrative only with more turns, during which we can either run a round with free spins, or start one of the 4 modes of Jackpot game.

Bonuses and promotions at Age of the Gods

The two main bonus functions in Age of the Gods are symbols Scatter and Wild. Wild is a symbol about this inscription: it replaces the other symbols on the prize lines, excluding Scatter. Scatter is the Age of the Gods logo. Scatter drawn 3 or more times starts a round with free spins.

The special round in Age of the Gods is preceded by a game on the board, which contains 20 fields. The player's goal is to reveal covered fields in such a way as to gather at least 3 symbols of Zeus, Athena, Poseidon or Hercules. If we succeed, we will receive a bonus round that will run depending on the deity.

Athens In the case of Athena, we will receive 9 free spins and a random -granted multiplier of up to × 5.
Poseidon In turn, Poseidon offers a Wild symbol, which lasts on the board throughout the entire special round.
Hades However, if at the stage of revealing the fields we get to the symbol of Hades, the bonus game will be canceled.

The second most important bonus in Age of the Gods is 4 Jackpot modes. If we manage to launch any of these modes, a board of 20 coins will appear in front of us. We will reveal the coins and the jackpot amount will depend on the value that will be exposed. A special clock will also appear in the Jackpot game. If we fail to fit in the designated time, we will only win an automatic jackpot, Ergo will not have the chance to hit the highest payment in the game.

Play Age of the Gods Game Automat - try a fortune

Slot hazardowy online Age of the Gods without registration certainly an interesting proposition, but mainly for more experienced players. By playing this machine for real money, we must be ready that during the standard game our balance will probably be successively reduced. The compensation will be brought only by the Free Spins or Jackpot round. However, the launch of one of these options is statistically about 40 turns. Of course, we can also have a lot of luck and enter a special game, e.g. in the third spin, but this is unlikely.