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Baccarat pro series online for free

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games globally. It is in Baccarata that James Bond plays in his films. The game is also widely presented in many other films and series, where players sit at the tables in ground casinos. Today, fortunately, we don't even have to leave the house to play baccarat. Just visit any online casino and choose your favorite Baccarata variety. Our today's choice is Baccarat Pro Series free from Netent.

The Netent gambling manufacturer created the game Baccarat Pro Series in 2011, but it is still a completely modern game that allows players to bet on individual factories or combinations of bets. Baccarat Pro Series are good -looking animations with a very simple and intuitive game.

The version of the game in Baccarat from Netent can be tested in the free version of the Baccarat Pro Series Demo no deposit and the need to register in online casino. The game is also available in the phone version, where you also do not need to download the application. To play the Baccarat Pro Series you need to run the game in the phone browser and have an internet connection.

Technical specifications Baccarat Pro Series

Baccarat Pro Series has a very high RTP, different in different games:

  • Banker (casino): 98.94%
  • Player (player): 98.76%
  • Tie (Remis): 85.64%.

Netent edition takes place with eight decks from 52 cards. However, there are no bonus plants you can play. There is also no automatic gameplay in the game. The purpose of the game is to predict which hand has the greatest value between the player and the casino. You can also bet on a draw.

The minimum plant in the game is 0.10 coins, and up to 1000 coins can be erected. The tools for betting are located in the lower right corner of the screen. After selecting the token and put it on the table, you can start the game. Like in the case of other versions Baccarated, the game is aimed at betting on the one who will receive cards that will be the most closer to adding up the number 9. You can bet on yourself as a player, banker or draw between them.

The Baccarat Pro Series game in the Netent issue offers standard payments. This means that the player's plant is paid in a 2: 1 ratio. The player's bet is less frequently paid. The banking plant in a ratio of 0.95: 1 is the least profitable, due to the fact that a 5%commission is charged. The drawing plant is 9: 1. This is better payment than for most other developers who pay 8: 1 for the winning plant for a draw.

The game has a number of other controls. On the bottom taskbar has the option to switch/switch on the sound. There is also a key icon that opens the settings menu. On the left side of the screen there is also an option of history view (it can be turned on and off in the settings). It shows the results from the last ten rounds. There is also a fast play function that significantly accelerates the game, apart from any animations and significantly increasing the speed of the cards distributed.

Baccarat Pro Series How to play?

Baccarat Pro Series Online games are a very well -designed table game, thanks to which the gameplay is smooth and simple. The rules of the game can be understood after a few games. For those who want to get acquainted with the game's instructions before starting it, we recommend clicking the "?" Icon, which is located at the bottom of the screen.

Before starting the game, you should bet your bet. Just put the tokens in the right part of the table. As we mentioned earlier, tokens are in the lower right corner. Just click on the selected token and then the position you want to move to. (tie, banker or player). After setting up the plants, click the central button at the bottom of the "Deal" screen and wait for automatic cards. If after the hand it turns out that you won, you will receive a win and you will be able to bet again. Three options will appear:

  • A new plant that allows you to erect a completely new plant,
  • A re -plant that repeats your previous plant,
  • The X2 plant, which your previous plant doubles.

If you choose a second or third option, there is no need to click on "Deal" at the beginning of the hand. This will be done automatically. As we mentioned earlier, the Baccarat Pro Series has no additional plants available. In some respects, the Netent version is a very basic game. There are no side plants here, thanks to which you can earn extra money.

Baccarat Pro Series - Summary

Baccarat Pro Series online is definitely a game that gives you the opportunity to bet on plants and win on your terms. New players can easily gain experience in this top -class casino game. There is no doubt that the Netent Baccarat Pro Series game is very high quality and is still very current and competitive to this day. The game graphics look fantastic, the control is well thought out, and the whole makes a very positive and professional impression.

What's more, thanks to the very wide range of possible betting plants, the Baccarat Pro Series is suitable for every portfolio. Baccarat focuses on the basic game. The is high payments at the drawing plants - 9: 1, while most others pay 8: 1. In addition, players can turn off the animations by choosing fast play mode.

The downside of the game is the lack of a results card from recent hands. There is only one very limited results table. Many players also lack additional factories in Baccarat Pro Series, where you can win additional money. Ultimately, however, you should like Baccarat Pro Series from Netent if you don't care so much on side plants. Netent knows how important it is to play everywhere today and therefore designed his table game so that it is available anywhere you are. You can play Baccarat Pro anywhere and ever, from a laptop, computer or smartphone.


Is it possible to play in Baccarat Pro Series for free?
Yes, it is possible to play the baccarat pro series without a deposit and you can do it directly on our website. Remember that in the demo version you can't win real money.
Does Baccarat Pro Series online have special functions or bonuses?
Unfortunately, there are no side plants in the Baccarat Pro Series, but payments for the winners are high, and RTP for the player is at a higher level than the average. In addition, payments for a draw for a draw constitute 9: 1.
How to win real money in Baccarat Pro Series?
You should start playing for real money. For this purpose, be sure to register at the selected online casino and send the first deposit. After verification, select the Baccarat Pro Series game and put your own on using your bankroll.
Do I have to download Baccarat Pro Series to play online?
Baccarat Pro Series Casino is available for free without downloading the phone in your browser. To play an online game, you must only enter the title of the game and have permanent internet access.