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  • RTP: 99.6%

Blackjack Lucky Sevens online for free

Every experienced player is well aware that Blackjack is a casino game in which the casino has the smallest advantage over the player. In the case of Blackjack Lucky Sevens from Evoplay is even better and we will try to prove it. RTP in this game is 99.6% in a situation where the standard version has this ratio of 99.5%. The main reason why playing this version of Blackjack is much more favorable is the fact that six 52 card French cards decks are used here. A much smaller number of cards, as in the case of standard versions where we start playing with 8 decks, slightly increases our probability to win.

Blackjack Lucky Sevens internet is one of the classic Blackjack variants. As in other games of this type, players compete with the computer and win when they manage to collect an eye on their cards (21). Another way to win is to get a higher hand compared to the hands of a dealer without exceeding the number 21. Exceeding this value means automatic failure.

Blackjack Lucky Sevens online has several modifications and solutions unheard of in standard versions in Blackjack, so it is worth testing these solutions at the very beginning before starting to play for real money. It is simple because the Evoplay developer provides the Blackjack Lucky Sevens Demo version, which we can use without logging in and registration from all devices, including mobile devices.

Technical specifications Blackjack Lucky Sevens

Delving into technical specifications and how to act as well as appearance and the entire visual setting, Blackjack Lucky Sevens casino game It certainly is impressive. At first glance, it can be seen that the developer devoted a lot of time to create this game in its current form. The game has the highest class graphic solutions and attractive visual setting, which makes every element of the game very realistic. In the foreground we see a Blackjack table with visible factories options and control buttons located at the bottom of the screen.

The game has functions that we will not find in other productions of this type. One of them is, for example, the Lucky Sevens function that provides an additional X1.5 multiplier from the set plant, which in the final settlement also affects the probability of our win by increasing our chances. Below are the basic rules for playing Blackjack Lucky Sevens:

  • The game consists of 6 standard decks of cards with 52 cards without jokers.
  • The cards are distributed for 3 hands simultaneously
  • The purpose of the game is to collect a stronger hand from the dealer as close as possible to the value of 21, exceeding this number means automatic failure
  • The value of the cards is identical to the number that is on them. Shawls, ladies and king are cards worth 10. AS is worth 1 or 11 depending on what is more favorable for the player.

Blackjack Lucky Sevens - how to play?

Rules in blackjack lucky sevens games in casinoh online As we have already mentioned at the beginning, they are very reminiscent of these standard games of this type and of course we can use here strategies used in normal games of this type. In the event of a direct hit Blackjacka gray pays a larger prize in a 3: 2 ratio. In such a situation, Split is also possible, which in most cases is not a good solution, you never know how the hand will go, but from time to time it is worth risking and letting you get carried away. If the dealer has an ace and you don't have a similar card, you will get the possibility of insuring your hand for a rate of 50% of your plant. Split is only possible if the player has two cards of the same value. After watching his two initial cards, the player will be able to double his betting. This option is quite interesting, but there is one hook, using this option allows you to choose only one card. It is worth considering quite well whether it is a meaningful solution for us at a given moment.

Something that significantly distinguishes this blackjack is the title special function or Lucky 7. Saying it simply means that if you land 3 sevens on your hand, you will receive a prize in a 3: 2 ratio of your plant. As you can see, this is an identical reward as in the case of a direct blackjack hit. The only disadvantage of this function is the inability to split. To start playing in Blackjack Lucky Sevens no deposit Online at the very beginning we have to choose our stake using the "New Bet" button. Later in the game we have the ability to control depending on the strength of our hand. We can choose from the following options:

  • Stand - that is, waiting and checking the dealer's hand
  • Split - division of our hand
  • Double - double our plant and choosing only one hand
  • Hit - choosing one card.

During subsequent hands, we do not have to choose the rate once again, we can opt for an identical plant as in the previous hand using the "Rebet" button.

Blackjack Lucky Sevens - Play without logging in

The game from Evoplay is definitely an interesting solution for players at every level of advancement. Additional bonus functions such as the title Lucky 7, very successful graphic design and a slightly greater probability of winning than in the case of standard games make it worth being interested in this game. The more that it is possible to try gambling for free. The developer has adapted the game to all mobile devices thanks to the use of HTML5 technology. It doesn't matter if you use a device with iOS or Android, the game works just as well on each of these systems.


Is it possible to play Blackjack Lucky Sevens for free?
Yes! The Evoplay developer provides the possibility of testing the game without risking your own capital. To play for free at Blackjack Lucky Sevens without a deposit you can use a page like ours or use such an option in some casinos that provide such an option.
Does Blackjack Lucky Sevens online have additional bonus functions?
Yes! Blackjack Lucky Sevens has a bonus option called "Lucky 7" thanks to which we receive a 3: 2 prize after drawing three sevens.
Is it possible to win real money by playing Blackjack Lucky Sevens?
Sure! A prerequisite for playing Blackjack Lucky Sevens Casino for real money is to register a player's account in a real online casino and make a deposit that will allow you to play for real cash.
Is it necessary to download Blackjack Lucky Sevens to play?
Not! The Evoplay developer has prepared a machine that does not require downloading any external software to get the opportunity to play.
Blackjack Lucky Sevens
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