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  • Producer: Promatic Games
  • Drums: 5
  • Winning lines: 5
  • RTP: 96.31%
  • Free spins: So
  • Autoplay option: So

Bonus Target gra online

Playing on a virtual slot is always an exciting way of spending free time. Of course, a lot depends on the machine we play - some are more thrilling, others less, although they always guarantee fun. It is no different with the online target bonus, the work of the Australian studio PROMATIC. These are veterans of the industry who create complex and extensive vending machines, as well as quite simple, inspired by classics Online gambling games. Bonus Target Slot is somewhere between these two categories.

Symbols inspired by fruit, the ability to win Free Spinów, as well as an interesting main motive - because fairy -tale lands are not so common - it causes that you want to play on the machine. If you felt it after these words of introduction, you can do it completely free on our website. It will be a great training before a serious game for real money with casino with a bonus without a deposit!

Features of the machine for the game bonus target

The whole machine consists of 5 drums, and there are three lines on each of them. To win on the machine, you should arrange the appropriate combination of symbols on - at least - one of the 5 winning lines. In addition, a special Wild symbol appears in the game, which is replaced by almost every other - appearing on the winning line can extend the combination, or even start it, replacing the missing symbol.

In the target bonus, the game machine also has so -called scatter symbols - getting them the right amount rewards us with free spin. However, to get them, you must first play at least once. The game offers us several plants to choose from, the most expensive is 200 loans, and the cheapest loan only. Of course, the more we put on the game, the more win we get. And it will not be that difficult to win, because the RTP of this machine is 96.31%.

The machine lacks jackpots or multipliers to win - so what you can see in the payment table is an amount that we can get during one game. On the other hand, the target bonus also has a gamble game for real money, which will allow us to increase the win.

Wins in the target bonus

We have already written about the fact that the symbols in the game are inspired fruit games - Watermelons, grapes or pears will appear on the drums, but they all have ... faces. It strengthens the fairy -tale climate of the slot. In addition to them, there will also be a bomb, bell, jester and several other symbols. Wins that give all symbols look as follows (at the plant for 1 loan):

ssymbol CC kch Dirt
Clown 16 200 1,000
Crown 6 40 200
Bell 5 20 100
Bomba 2 15 50
7 3 13 50
Watermelon, grape 2 8 40
Pear, plum, strawberry 1 4 20

How to win at the target bonus?

Before you start winning, be sure to read the slot user manual - we promise that this will increase your chances of winning! Why? In the instructions you will find information about the payout table, winning lines, you will also learn how Gamble works and how to get free spins. This is all extremely valuable information.

You can get to them by pressing the sprocket symbol on the left side of the screen. From the drop -down menu, then select the "I" symbol. There will be several cards on the display that describe the already mentioned things. When you read this information, it's time for you to start the first turn! The game for start chooses the low amount of the plant and we recommend starting with such - but if you prefer to adapt it, you can do it using the arrows visible at the amount of the plant (bet). If you prefer to play at the highest rate immediately, use the Max Bet button.

The amount of the plant is selected? The demo target bonus and the full version are launched in the middle of the control panel. You also have to do it after each track if you want to continue playing. The alternative is to set the autographs - you just choose how many spins to make a slot, you sit comfortably in the armchair and watch your winnings!

Bonuses for playing in the target bonus

There are several of those in the game, so it's worth bending over them a little harder. The most important for the majority will be the SCATTER symbol. It appears in the game as a bomb, and getting three of them on the first drums rewards us with 10 bonus games - as the name suggests, we will not pay for free spins. What's more, during this bonus round there may be an additional symbol with the department - getting it doubles all our winnings from the bonus round.

The second special symbol is the jester, which works here as a symbol of Wild. We have already described it, but as a reminder - it acts as any other symbol, replacing it in a combination - except for the symbol Scatter and the bonus game. If the symbol is replaced, it will be able to increase the combination or add a completely new win.

The last form of the bonus is the risk game or the gamble function. It is available after each of our winnings and allows you to double the amount we won. In order for us to succeed, we must choose one of the two guns of shooting in the castle - if we bet the one that goes, we receive a prize. By choosing badly, we lose all the win. The process can be repeated up to 30 times in one game, or until you reach the maximum win amount.

Review summary

After this text, we are sure that you want to play the target bonus for free, so we will not extend it unnecessary - this is a really good slot that offers a lot of additional functions, while remaining easy to use and easy to understand. It makes it an ideal machine for new players who are just starting the adventure in legal online casinos in Australia. This does not mean that experienced players should look for something else - they like the ingenious motive or a chance to win a large amount of loans during a gamble game or even a generous bonus from a selected gambling page in the form Bonus casino for registration!


Can I play for free in Bonus Target?
By all means, the bonus target machine without registration and completely free is available, even on our website - just run it and play without limits!
Can I win free spins in Bonus Target?
Yes! By winning the right number of SCATTER symbols, you can get 10 free games on this machine.
Can I play for real money in the target bonus?
This is possible in legal online casinos - the slot is available in most of them, because it enjoys considerable popularity among players.
Do I have to download the bonus target machine to play it?
Regardless of whether you plan to play on a computer or a portable device, you won't have to download anything to play this slot - just a web browser.
Play the GGBET Casino gambet bonus target without registration!