Book of Ra Deluxe

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  • Producer: Novomatic
  • Drums: 5
  • Winning lines: 10
  • RTP: 95.1%
  • Free spins: So
  • Autoplay option: So

Book of Ra Deluxe - free game machine

A classic of one -armed bandits in a refreshed edition - this is how one sentence can be determined by the newer version of the well -known to many dry players slot machine released by the Austrian gaming company Novomatic. However, this would not exhaust the topic of the possibilities offered by the player called the entitled Book of Ra deluxe 3D slot.

Novomatic is a company with an extraordinary history dating back to the eighties and the first civilian electronic devices in general. Their team has created since then, among others Dozens of slot games, including Book of Ra, which, a unique motif and a transparent, uncomplicated mechanism, has been offering the sympathy of subsequent generations of users in Europe and in the world for years.

Book of Ra Deluxe also takes us to Egypt, so that we, like the greatest adventurers in history, follow the mystery of the Book of the Chief Deity of Ancient Egypt.

This is an interesting task because, unlike many other competitive slots apocus, Book of Ra Deluxe contains built -in animations combined with a moving soundtrack, thanks to which the game is even more interesting and lively.

If the above sounds good, we remind you that you can see for all of it yourself, choosing a book of ra deluxe without registration on our website and without the need for your own!

Basic features Book of Ra Deluxe

The functionality it has to offer book of ra deluxe online does not differ from the standards adopted for online slot games. You will find all the basic options, thanks to which you will efficiently and conveniently adapt all the parameters of your game.

Of course, there was also an automatic game mode, which is activated with a clearly visible slider with the inscription Auto, located on the main panel of the game. You can switch this mode with one press at any time of the game.

There are also bonus rounds with free spins, preceded by a simple, but also hypnotic animation of traversing the corridors of the tomb. To unlock this bonus, however, you must first hit at least three symbols of the title book, which is also a scatter and replacing all other symbols. The wild symbol behaves quite unusual, because it is drawn from the book during bonus spins among the other symbols found in the game.

The game has a total of 10 paying lines that form systems on five drums. The minimum total plant is at 10 lines 1 loan, which in terms of 0.1 loan / line.

The maximum rate in turn is 100 loans. With the flesh and blood gambling in mind, the creators added the Max Bet function, i.e. the plant for the maximum possible rate.

There is also a 5,000 loan jackpot. At this point, it is also worth noting the value of the RTP coefficient, which for this game is 95.1%. This is a satisfactory value, in particular taking into account the fact that many other equally popular slots cannot boast such a good result.

On the other hand, there was no winner of the win, but taking into account the attractiveness of the other elements, this is not a significant loss. If you prefer entertainment on portable devices, it is possible to download the mobile version of the game for Android or iOS.

Wins at Book of Ra Deluxe

As you can see from the table below, the symbols in the game look quite favorable. Most of them can create lines of up to two symbols, which further increases the likelihood of winning. In addition, the Scatter, in addition to activating Bonus spins in Book of Ra Deluxe, also has the potential for forming valuable clusters, which can be seen below:

ssymbol Cover CC kch Dirt
Book (Scatter) 200 2,000 20,000
Indiana Jones 100 1,000 10,000 50,000
Pharaoh 50 400 4,000 20,000
Izida 50 300 1,000 7,500
Skarabeusz 50 300 1,000 7,500
AS / King 50 400 1,500
Lady / Jopek / Ten 50 250 1,000

Regardless of whether you decide to play at Book of Ra Deluxe Demo or a real rate, there is a lot of exciting opportunities for you to win.

Book of Ra Deluxe - how to play?

From the Book of Ra Deluxe game, the game automatic is the simplest possible mechanism that you can imagine. All buttons are signed and legible thanks to the styling for the tooth -affected walls of the ancient tomb in an earthly color, in contrast with golden, distinguished borders.

In the middle there is a text informing about the amount of loans we have. On the left, in the lower corner you can choose the number of lines and the bet. There is also a menu button in which we will find a simple tutorial explaining key rules of the game, which opens with a clicking at the Paytable & Info tab.

On the right there are also 3 buttons, which we can put the whole pool of our loans, switch the car mode and manually make a single turn.

We strongly recommend you to familiarize yourself with the graphic tutorial in the machine before starting the game so that you can consciously make the best possible decisions during it.

Bonuses for playing at Book of Ra Deluxe

In Book of Ra Deluxe, bonuses mean one thing - Free spins And even more chances to win! All this thanks to Scatter in the form of the Book of the Sun God, who, in addition to a generous reward in loans, allows you to make 10 free turns.

When you get this happy combination, the system causes an animation in place of the symbol, which is accompanied by moody music in ancient style. After a while, this book opens to show you a randomly selected symbol from among the game available in the game, which during bonus rounds will be able to expand to the whole drum. Of course, the more valuable the symbol is drawn, the more values will go to your pool.

Another gamble mode, i.e. conquering the rate, is another enjoying every gambling. After drawing a winning line, you have the opportunity to conquer the plant in a simple game, consisting in guessing the color of a random card. Interestingly, this draw takes place in your eyes, giving you an even greater opportunity to affect its result. It is hard to imagine more exciting bonuses in a slot game than those that Book of Ra Deluxe offers us for free. Anyway, see for yourself on our website!

Book of Ra Deluxe Slot - our opinion

In our opinion, Studio Novomatic stood up to the challenge, releasing the Deluxe edition of this well -known and valued slot machine.

It is a unique position because while in some it can arouse a fondness for the memory of the crazy times of the first one -armed bandits, while others can convince the creative approach of the creators to the issue of playability.

Thanks to the eye -catching animations and sound effects, as well as a relatively high chance to win the plant, this machine can be an interesting alternative to monotonous fruit games. Also remember that to overclock emotions you also have the opportunity to play in Book of Ra Deluxe for real money, but we recommend this option only after getting acquainted with the mechanism and the official instructions for the game in the demo version. And now we wish you a good fun and a broken bank! Good luck!