Booming Seven

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  • Producer: Booming Games
  • Drums: 3
  • Winning lines: 9
  • RTP: 96.02%
  • Free spins: So
  • Autoplay option: So

Booming Seven gra online

For many Internet casinos They are associated with complex games, which are nothing like physical slots known from bars or casinos. This is obviously true, there are many such vending machines. However, it is equally easy to find a slot that offers a simple and just as addictive gameplay. This is the booming seven game machine - this is a well -thought -out slot, offering an uncomplicated gameplay, which at the same time quickly appeals to.

The game was produced by Booming Games, a manufacturer known from video vending machines, which are to somehow imitate the experience of a real casino. It is no different on this slot - the background of the machine resembles the interior of the building, and the operation of the machine itself brings to mind the classic one -armed bandit. If it sounds like a description Games for freeYou would like to play on our website. To check Booming Seven for free, all you have to do is start the slot - you'll get a large sum of virtual loans, and even if these end, just refresh the page and keep playing!

Guilds of a slot machine to Gry Booming Seven

As we have already written, this is a video machine that is reminiscent of vending machines known from physical casinos. On his drums (there are 3), you will find probably known symbols - seven, fruit and bells. Whole automatically 777 It also consists of 3 lines, and during the game a maximum of 9 winning lines will be available. We also increase their quantity by increasing the amount of our plant. If you choose the lowest rate and only one winning line, you will only pay a 0.01 loan for one SPIN. On the other hand, the most expensive game will be up to 450 currencies.

Booming Seven Slot also has symbols of Wild and Scatter - it means that during the game we have a chance for additional winnings and on Free turns. The game also has the ability to take part in the game Gamble, available after each win. This bonus game will be able to further increase our win.

The machine, due to its minimalist but pleasant look, is also possible to start on a portable device. So if you prefer to play on a tablet or phone, be sure to give this slot a chance.

In Booming Seven Online, the autogra function is also available, which contains all the basic options - the maximum number of automatic plants, stopping the game after losing a certain amount of funds or winning a certain sum. And you will win regularly, because RTP, i.e. the Return to Player, is as much as 96%.

Won in Booming Seven

This is what the basics of this retro machine look like. But every player is most interested in winning, which we understand perfectly. By playing this slot, we should count on several won lines during one turn than a single big win, especially since we must hit the same symbol on each drum. Payment table, with a maximum plant, is:

ssymbol CC
Gold bar 3,850
Seven 3,150
Lemons 1,250
Oranges 1,000
Pineapple 350
Cherries 250
Bells 150

How to play Booming Seven?

As before playing at every machine, here you should read the slot regulations. However, this ... is not available. To read it, go to the manufacturer's website. This is a bit troublesome, but we recommend doing it, especially if you plan to play in Booming Seven for real money. From the machine level, you can check what individual winning lines look like, and what win you will get, after drawing individual symbols.

The slot itself is legible and its operation is simple. We choose the stake for the plant on the bottom, left part of the screen. Bet per line means a bet that we put on one line, the second window - lines - means the number of active lines. Two numbers are then multiplied by them, which gives the final value of the plant, visible in the upper part of the screen, next to our account status.

We run the game with a central purple button. Next to him there is also the mentioned button responsible for Autogra. If you do not want to adapt our plant, and immediately go to the game for the highest rate, just press the Max Bet button. This, however, is not worth doing - it is better to start with the game for a small rate, although on all lines. This will increase our chances of winnings and allow you to build funds for further playing for increasing rates.

Bonuses for playing booming seven

As we have already mentioned, the symbols of Wild and Scatter appear on this slot. Let's discuss the first first. Here they are presented as gold bars with the inscription Bar. Getting them 3 means a considerable win, but even when only one of them appears, it will work as any other symbol (except for the scatter symbol). This means that the gold bar will be able to add the winning line to our victory.

The Scatter symbol works a little differently. In Booming Seven is presented as seven. When you get her on every drum, you will be rewarded - apart from a large number of loans - free spins. This will allow you to win even more winnings, without worrying about losing your own loans.

The last type of bonus is a risk game, also known as gamble. She takes us in time and puts us in front of a straight machine with Wajcha on the left. Our task is not to pull her, but to choose the fruit - cherry or orange. If we choose the same one that draws the machine, our win will be doubled. In the event of a bad choice, we lose everything we have collected and leave without winning.

Play Booming Seven Game Automat - try a fortune

This retro slot will appeal to many players, regardless of how many vending machines they have already played. Simple operation, as well as the lack of complex functions attracts, and the gameplay itself, enabling large winnings, draws for long hours. That is why we encourage you to test this machine in mobile casino without a deposit, even if you reach for more complex productions on a daily basis. What's more, in Booming Seven you will play on our website without registration - so you will be able to test the machine before you decide to play for money in a legal online casino.


Will I be able to play for free in Booming Seven?
In the Booming Seven Demo version you will play without paying funds to your account - the game will provide you with a virtual currency that you will bet on!
Can I win free spins in Booming Seven?
Yes, the SCATTER symbol appears in the game, which allows you to win free revolutions!
Can I play for real money in Booming Seven?
If you decide to play in a legal online casino, it is possible. Booming Seven is available in many places, so there is a good chance that you will play on this machine at your favorite online casino.
Do I have to download Booming Seven to play on the machine?
No, download is not necessary to play on this slot. All you need is a web browser and a network connection so that you can play for free and for money.
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