BLIK online casino

Banks operating in Australia are developing extremely dynamically, regularly introducing new, revolutionary services to their offer. One of them is BLIK - a system, enabling immediate payments, transfers, payments and payments from ATMs and many others. All this is available using a special, temporary code that we will check in the mobile application of our bank.

But what is the relationship between casinos and Blik? The popularization of this form of payment meant that more and more often at the BLIK casino is one of the options for making payments. Thanks to it, the funds on your deposit account will appear in a few seconds, and you will not have to remember the details of your credit card or account number. In addition, these transactions are 100% safe and only require your phone!

In this text, we will try to introduce you to the advantages and other amenities related to Online casino Blik and payments with this method - because it is storming more and more casinos!

BLIK online casinos

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What's with Blik?

Well, what? According to the official website of this service, BLIK is a one -time code with a length of 6 characters (numbers), which works for 2 minutes. With its help you will pay online shopping, but also those in stationary stores, transfer money to another account, or pay cash at an ATM. In addition, Blik Casino will allow you to quickly pay deposit. The service is available in 17 different banks, so there is a good chance that yours also has it.

What banks specifically? Among the reported are Bank Millenium, Santander, Pekao, Get in Bank, mBank or Nest Bank, as well as many others. The whole list is available on the official website of the service. To use the function, you need a mobile application of your bank, any mobile device on which this application will be able to start, and a stable internet connection. When you meet these requirements, you can start choosing casinos with Blik and start playing!

Online casino security with BLIK payment

As we have already mentioned, using the Blik online casino you can be sure that the fun will be safe and payments - completely legal. The temporary code that loses its validity after 2 minutes is heavy to take over ... Although you have to hurry to use it before it has elapsed! On the other hand, even when you use the code, you need to confirm the transaction in the application - such double protection makes unauthorized transactions using Blik simply impossible!

LOOK Casino without a deposit When you start the payment, it encrypts and secures all your data, and thanks to the fact that you do not provide any additional information, such as the credit card number or your name, you do not have to worry about the leakage of sensitive data. Banks are carried out over the entire system, and the system is managed by the country - and more specifically the Australian Company Payment Standard, which was established by one of the largest banks in Australia. That is why, the safety and convenience of this service stands at such a high level.

How does BLIK Casino work?

Currently, Blik quickly becomes the most popular form of payment at online casinos. First of all, because it is convenient and quick - you do not need to pull out the wallet, prescribe long strings of numbers from the credit card, or save it on the computer - which, according to many people, is quite dangerous. In addition, the Australian casino BLIK is popular with this service, because many players like to support innovative solutions, thus showing that they want more modernity in banking and online casinos.

And how exactly to make payments at Casino Online Blik? We present a short guide:

  • Check the possibility of paying BLIK at your bank - make sure it is on the list of available banks, and also download the application to the phone if you don't have it yet
  • Run the casino page - going to payments you will find out if the casino supports this form of payment.
  • Choose the amount of funds you want to add to your account, start your disposable BLIK code and confirm the transaction.
  • Money on the deposit account will appear after a while - if the transaction is correctly accepted

As you can see, the process is extremely easy and fast - from the moment of payment to the appearance of funds on the account it will pass a few minutes, even when you will pay them in the middle of the night!

Muchbetter BLIK payment

Unfortunately, some Blik Casino is just introducing, but these pages offer a convenient alternative - this is the possibility of paying funds using an intermediary between Blik and the casino. Muchbetter, among others, includes such pages, an extremely popular online casino.

How exactly does this process go? When paying funds to your account, you need to choose the payment via Muchbetter. However, before you can do it, you will need an account on this page. After you create them, you can power them with the selected amount using the BLIK code. The whole process is the same as we described earlier. After a while, funds will appear on the Muchbetter account.

Now you can return to the BLIK Payment Casino. You choose Muchbetter from the available operators, log in to your account and choose the amount of top -up. If you have enough funds or you choose less than your account, the money will automatically appear in the casino. If you run out of funds on the intermediary's website, you must first top up that virtual wallet. The whole process is as safe as the traditional BLIK payment.

Payments and payments using BLIK payments

Are you wondering how exactly the online casino process is going on? This usually happens using an external service that processes your funds and sends them to the casino. We are talking here about portals such as Dotpay, Payu or Przelewy24 - all these sites are certainly associated with other places, because they also serve BLIK payments in clothes, food or electronics.

By paying this method, the casino transfers24 act as their name indicates - and thus all day. This is a huge for many people, because after making BLIK payment, our funds will quickly be on the deposit account, regardless of what time we will make the payment. On the pages you often have to enter your e-mail-for security purposes, for example, if the payment is interrupted and the money is charged from our account, without paying to the casino. However, do not worry, because it happens extremely rarely, and the intermediaries' pages solve such problems quickly.

The account of payments to the account works the same - it is usually enough that we provide the phone number at the casino and the money will be transferred to the account in this way. However, this is not a very popular option, so we will usually get money by traditional electronic transfer.

BLIK online casinos

Australian online casinos are increasingly reaching for this technology by offering their players quick payments, trouble -free deposits, or in some cases, even paying for won funds. It is worth spending a moment to check what casinos are from the BLIK option to choose the best for us. In the table below we have collected some of the largest and most famous online casinos:

Energy Casino Are you looking for a large selection of great slots, as well as a lot of promotion and fun? Be sure to check Energy Casino. The website offers BLIK payments supported by a bank transfer, and therefore the most classic form of Blik. You will receive funds after using Energy Casino Blik after a while!
Betsson Other, equally popular online casino is Betsson. They offer special live casinos and game shows. In addition, their BLIK payments are served by the aforementioned Muchbetter page - so your payments will pass through this broker.
Betsafe This is an ideal place for beginner players, thanks to their large welcome bonuses. The site also accepts BLIK payments, also operated by Muchbetter. You will need this account on this page, which you will create in a few moments.
Casinoeuro The site will appeal above all to fans of good visual setting, because Casinoeuro looks really good. It also offers access to many different slots and games, such as table games or live bets. As in the case of its predecessors, here BLIK is served by the Muchbetter website.

As you can see, a large part of Casino Online BLIK serves by an external partner who allows quick and trouble -free payments. On the site, as we have already written, you will need an account, so it's worth creating them before starting playing in the casino - so that you can immediately pay funds to your deposit account and play on the slots you are interested in.

Mobile version

To make a BLIK payment, you need one, most important thing - a mobile device. These are mobile payments, only available on your phone or tablet - you won't find the code on your bank's ordinary page. In the era of mobile devices, however, this should not be a problem - banks mobile applications work on various phones and tablets, even on very old ones.

One of the popular operating systems - Android, iOS will be enough for proper operation in the BLIK online casino, but applications will also work on phones with Windows Phone or BlackBerry OS. Casino pages are also adapted to play on the phone, so make payments, and then you can play on one device!

Advantages and disadvantages of using Casino Online Blik

You can say a lot about Blik. This is a great service that has many advantages, but unfortunately - as in everything - there are also cons. We gathered them all to the table so that you could compare them with each other. At first glance you can see that Blik has definitely more advantages, and these are:

Benefits Disadvantages
  • Immediate transaction, even at night
  • Safety of use
  • No need to use data from a credit card or personal data for payment
  • Many different operators offering various forms of payment at the BLIK online casino
  • Simple system - you only need a phone with application
  • Short code of code - it ceases to be active after 2 minutes, so sometimes you have to hurry
  • Ease in transactions sometimes causes a spiral of spending - because the payment in Casino on BLIK is fast and comfortable, we can lose control over expenses
  • The need to connect to the Internet - if we are somewhere without access to the network, we will not use Blik.

Other forms of payment outside the casino Blik

After all, are you not convinced of Blik? It is a pity, but BLIK casino also proposes other forms of payment, so you don't have to worry that you won't find one that will suit you. Another popular form of payments to a deposit account is the usual online transfer or payment using the card. In the case of the first one, we will have to make it from our bank account, on his website, in the second - go for our credit card and enter its data in the casino system. Both of these forms are of course safe, because online casinos use special encryption for payment, but they are not as good as BLIK payment.

You can also pay using the PayPal or Skrill account, and if we are supporters of Paysafe cards - a large part of casinos also make this option available. You can pay for it less and less often with SMSs. In their place, cryptocurrency payments jump - a significant part of the casinos will allow us to fund the account with bitcoins and other virtual currencies. Most of these payments, however, have one common disadvantage - they are not immediate, their processing takes some time, so you will not always receive the game funds to your account automatically (as is the case with BLIK payment).

Our opinion about Casino Online Blik

After all these words, it is difficult to say something other than: we recommend BLIK payments 100%! The speed of this service, as well as the convenience of using and ease of use - because you only need a mobile device and a bank application - these are its biggest advantages that no other form of online transfers can fight.

It is also a safe form, so if you are a new player, not yet convinced for online machines and you do not want to share data about your online casino card - BLIK will guarantee you security. Therefore, if you are considering playing in online casinos and your bank serves such payments - there are as many as 17 on the list, so having an account in a popular bank you certainly also have a blik - be sure to try this form of payment. We are sure that you will like it.


Is a bank account required for payment at the BLIK casino?
So, to have access to the BLIK service, an account is required in one of the 17 different, most popular banks in Australia. In addition, your bank's mobile application will be needed.
Is BLIK payment at Australian online casinos safe?
Very - most say that this is the safest form, which we agree with. BLIK code only works a few minutes, and you do not provide personal data or information about your card.
Do BLIK online casinos download additional funds from your account during payments?
It depends only on the casino-before making any payment, read well with the website regulations, as well as the regulations of the BLIK-oriented party website.
Does it offer any Australian Blik Payment Casino?
Yes, there is a lot of these casinos, and every day more and more online casinos are deciding to allow BLIK payment. Check our list, or go to the casino website and see the regulations to find out if you can pay Blik at the casino.

Casino, which is accepted by the BLIK - Energy Casino payment