Cube Mania

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  • Producer: Wazdan
  • Drums: 4
  • Winning lines: 9
  • RTP: 96.43%
  • Free spins: So
  • Autoplay option: So

Cube mania for free

Wazdan, producer machine vending machines, this time he took the cubic cube motif to his workshop. Knowing the other titles of this manufacturer, we can be sure that this time we will get a top shelf machine. A very colorful Cube Mania Slot in the mostly size is made of smaller and larger cubes. Symbols are formed from the ankles, there is a whole background from the ankles and of course colorful cubes fly in the background.

You can play Cube Mania without registration on our website. Free Cube Mania Demo is available there, which will prepare you for real money without the risk of losing funds.

Features of the cube mania game machine

Cube Mania is a classic online slot in Casinos without a deposit. The game takes place on 4 rotated drums. 9 winning lines give a high RTP factor of 96.43%. It is higher than the average factor for similar slots. The minimum plant is 0.1 tool, while the highest is 100 tokens.

An interesting variety are the disappearing winning lines. After hitting the scoring system, after a while it disappears, and in its place further symbols fall from above. If the falling symbols create another scoring system - it is added to winning from the previous system. The sum of all such winnings is just added to the player's balance. Thanks to this, we can, for example, enter the "gamble" mode with an increased amount.

It should be mentioned that it is not required that the winning line begins on the first drum. The same symbols occurring on each other on the second, third and fourth drums also form a winning line. It is important that they must be one after the other.

The symbol of Wild is the face of a joker. It replaces any symbol. The presence of the Wild symbol on the winning line also results in doubling the win. There are no bonus rounds and jackpot in this slot.

To limit the player's effort, an automatic game mode was introduced. It consists in choosing the amount of automatic rounds (maximum 1000) and a possible indication of the conditions for prior detention. Without stopping conditions, the game will take place until the end of the last round. The automatic game can be suspended after at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • Any win
  • Starting free spins
  • Winning one round exceeding the indicated value
  • Increase in the balance with the indicated number of tokens
  • Reduction of the balance by the indicated number of tokens

The Cube Mania automatic is very playful on all modern mobile devices. Thanks to the HTML5 technology in which it was written, switching from a computer to a smartphone is not the slightest problem.

Won in Cube Mania

The table below presents wins for the maximum plant of 100 tokens. It is worth noting that the Wild symbol replaces symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K, and when it is on the winning line. This principle does not apply to symbols Scatter and Mystery. Drawing so -called Walls, i.e. 12 of the same symbols, additionally multiply the victory of X2.

ssymbol CC x3 (+WILD) kch X4 (+WILD)
9 i 10 200 400 400 800
J i Q 300 600 600 1200
K 400 800 2,000 4,000
A 1,000 2,000 4,000 8,000
WILD 5,000 5,000 50,000 50,000

Cube Mania - how to play?

Cube Mania Online is an interesting machine due to the specifics of the game. At first glance, it might seem - what could be complicated in it? These are only four drums and a few symbols. However, special functions: the symbol of Wild, Scatter and Mystery, or replacing the symbols above them, significantly diversify the game. Also 9 winning lines, some of which are broken lines, at first glance do not look like winning.

The game has 3 speeds. They differ in animations, the most of which are in the slowest mode, the soundtrack and the presentation of the win. This speed is recommended for players who want to enjoy an attractive interface. The winning line is suspended for longer, you can see exactly which symbols are replaced.

Launching the game in ultra -flesh is associated with giving up any advantages of the interface. This is a speed for players strictly focused on tokens. The drums are rotated at dizzying speed, subsequent symbols fall one after the other. It is best to observe your balance, whether we are getting richer and whether happiness has left us.

The interface is very colorful, the symbols are well suited to the general subject of cubes. They look like made of small, colorful squares themselves. The appearance of the machine really pleases the eye. Older players may remind the Tetris game created in the Soviet Union. There, the falling symbols were created from small, colorful squares.

Navigation is intuitive and understandable. On the bottom bar we see, among others Your balance, set stake and large arrows that start the game. Holding the Space key also turns with drums.

Before starting the game, be sure to get acquainted with the rules of the game and all the functions of the machine. The symbol of the question mark on the lower interface opens the "Game rules" window.

If you plan to play Cube Mania for real money, always start with low rates. Australian casinos have a wide range of game machines and encourage bonuses for registering.

Bonuses for playing in cube mania

During the game we have a chance to draw the mysterious symbol of Mystery. With three symbols, Mystery, the player draws a win from the range from 10 to 50 x selected stakes. With four Mystery symbols, the win is from 50 to 200 x the selected rate. The symbol of Mystery can be in any positions.

As far as we can do it, we can shoot the Scatter symbol. 3 SCATTER symbols start 15 free spins. 4 SCATTER symbols are up to 30 free spins. In the Cube Mania slot, during free spins, winnings are uncommon x3, as is often the case in other popular vending machines. Scatter symbols do not have to be on one specific winning line.

The lack of a multiplier in free spin mode with more than compensates for "gamble" mode. After each win on the lower interface, two additional red icons appear. The right accepts the win and the left one enters the "Gamble" mode. In it we put our win at stake. If we do not want to risk everything - we can wear half. The chances of winning are exactly 50/50. If you manage to guess the next color (black or red), we double the win and play further or leave the game. With a mistake, we finish the game with empty hand.

You can approach "Gamble" up to 7 times. If at the beginning we entered everyone and 7 times we correctly indicated the color our win is multiplied by 128 times! The other side of the coin is that the chances of such a spectacular win are only 0.78%.

Play cube mania game machine - try a fortune

Cube Mania is a great machine because of the possibility of playing in different modes. In the slowest there is nothing Sunday afternoon walking in which we admire beautiful views. However, in an ultra -zone mode, the walk turns into escape from the chasing, hungry rottweiler who wants to pull our last free token.

See for yourself which version is the best for you and play for free on our website with bonus for registration.