Extra Wild

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  • Producer: Mercury
  • Drums: 5
  • Winning lines: 10
  • RTP: 95.79%
  • Autoplay option: So

Extra wild for free

Hard day at work? Tear off this exciting slot and test your happiness. Don't worry, however, because in Extra Wild you will play in machine for free. This machine, released by Merkur Gaming, chosen expensive precious stones, gold bags and rings blown with jewels - and therefore splendor, wealth and high amounts!

It agrees with the operation of the machine, because the Extra Wild Slot can guarantee us huge winnings, regardless of whether we play for free or for real money. On our website you will play in Extra Wild without registration or deposit - just run the game and start playing!

Extra Wild technical functions and specifications

Just like the theme, the name of this machine is also not accidental - it refers to the symbol appearing in the game, which can multiply our win with up to seven times! Just draw the appropriate symbols on the drums - these are 5 - and in the appropriate winning lines - these in turn the slot has 10. In addition, the game also offers a fairly high RTP indicator, of 95.79%.

On this machine, however, we will not see the symbols of Scatter - we will not play for free, but the slot rewards us, enabling us to put ourselves for our winnings in order to increase them, even by several times! And when we fall into the vortex of winnings, we can go to the autographic mode, which will allow us to observe how our account increases, without the need to manually run the game every time.

Extra Wild online will also like mobile players - the slot is available on portable devices, so if you like to play on the phone, lying on the couch, or being in public transport, on the way to work, be sure to give this machine a chance! All you need is a web browser on your device and a stable internet connection.

Extra Wild withdrawals table

In each machine, undoubtedly the most important is the payment table - bonus games, additional functions and other bonuses we will hit irregularly, while winning additional loans - quite often. What is the list of winnings on this slot? We present it below in the form of a table, which wins are given at the lowest rate for the game.

ssymbol CC kch Dirt
Diamond 5,000 50,000 250,000
Blue and red stone 2,000 10,000 50,000
Ring and a bag of gold 1,000 4,000 20,000
Tokens, watch and pendant 1,000 2,000 10,000

How to play Extra Wild?

To start playing at the Extra Wild Game Author, first read its rules and rules of the game. You will find them under the button marked with the letter "i", which is placed at the top of the screen. In addition to the course of the game, the operation of bonus plants for winning rates is also explained there, all other buttons are explained, as well as ways to win during trading.

Next to this button, there is also a button showing the current payout table, with the amounts giving the winnings for your stake - you can check exactly what your wins will be at the maximum, minimal and any other plant.

Once you get to know these rules, you can go to the game. The rate of the rate you will play for, you will choose from the drop -down list located on the left side of the display (the button shows a pile of coins, so it is impossible not to notice it). If you want to play for the highest amount immediately, press the Max button next to the previously mentioned button.

You can start the drums with a button marked with an arrow, and you can skip the animation by clicking on the screen. On the display you will also see colorful numbers that present all winning lines. If you lose count at some point, you will see your current balance at the bottom of the screen. All winnings, in turn, show up on the screen at the time of their acquisition, along with the backlight of the winning lines and combinations.

The machine itself is maintained in a simple graphic style, which makes it transparent - the symbols are easy to distinguish, even when you play on a smaller display. All aesthetics are also emphasized by energetic music, introducing a good mood while playing.

Bonuses for playing in extra wild

By playing in Extra Wild, you can count on several types of bonuses, although not all are available directly on drums. First of all, there is a symbol of Wild in the gambling, which we have already mentioned. It is presented as a closed safe, which at the time of hit, adds an element to the winning line. In this situation, the safe is open, and a special multiplier falls from its center - X3, X5 or X7 - which increases our win from the market just as long as possible. When we find this symbol, but it will not be part of the winning line, we will be awarded 1,000 loans.

Another bonus available in the game is the so -called risk game. In it we can bet on winning the amount and increase it, even by several times! There is one, quite important catch - in the case of losing in the risk game, we lose all our wins loans. Extra Wild for free and in the version Games for real money It offers two types of these games. These are:

  • Card game - It consists in selecting what color another card will have. We can choose red or black, so our chances are always quite good. When we bet badly, we lose all our funds, but at any time we can also withdraw, taking what we managed to get.
  • Ladder game - Our dexterity and response time will be more expected here. The game launches a special ladder on which different amounts are visible. Our task is to hit the backlight in the amount - lower or higher. This will take us to the right field, reducing or increasing our win.

Try Extra Wild for free

If this description encouraged you to play on this machine, we invite you to this! A lot of possibilities to increase the win by using free money without deposit At an online casino, and a chance to get huge funds also during the right game? This is what Extra Wild offers! And all this kept in the climate of the classic machine - thanks to this, the slot will appeal to old stakes as well as freshly baked players.


Is the gameplay in Extra Wild free?
Yes, you can play for free on our website - we do not require registration or paying funds to your account.
Does Extra Wild offer free spins?
No, this machine does not have such a function, but it has an interestingly extended Wild system, as well as two types of risk games that will allow you to get rich quickly!
Can I bet real money in Extra Wild?
Yes, the Extra Wild slot for real money is also available. Remember to play it only at legal online casinos.
Does the Extra Wild slot require download?
No - all you have to do is run the game on the web browser using our website. The game without restrictions will be possible after loading the page.