Fishin Frenzy

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  • Producer: Reel Time Gaming
  • Drums: 5
  • Winning lines: 10
  • RTP: 96.12%
  • Free spins: So

Fishin Frenzy automat online

It's Sunday morning. The sun is just leaning out of the horizon. You take your rod, floats and hooks, pack everything into the car and go to the Lake Fish. They will take or not, it doesn't matter much. It is important to relax and mute the body after a whole week of work.

This is what the angler's morning could look like, but not the player Fishin Frenzy. Here, fish always take and you have to leave a considerable boat to be able to take them all with you ashore.

Fishin Frenzy Slot was created in Sudiu Reel Time Gaming and its main motive is, as the admission indicates - fishing. Symbols found in Fishin Frenzy Online are related to this subject. There will be rods, floats and countless fish.

You can play Fishin Frenzy with us game for free. Available on our website Fishin Frenzy without registration will allow you to swim on fishing without soaking even your shoes. Free games are the best way to familiarize yourself with the machine. After all, no angler flows blindly into foreign waters. Getting to know the opponent will bring measurable benefits. You will learn to play and prepare for a really deep water in Online casino without a deposit. There you will be able to play Fishin Frenzy for real money. Only use licensed casinos.

Fishin frenzy games machine features

Fishin Frenzy is a classic five drum slot with a variable number of winning lines. The player can adapt their amount in the range from 1 to 10. The rate is selected from 100 to 20,000 loans. Thanks to this high rate, over a million loans are possible to win. There is a scratter in the game that starts Free spins. There are no bonus rounds, a multiplier or a jackpot. The Wild symbol occurs only during free spins.

Automatic mode is not even possible to indicate the amount of turnover. It starts and stops with one button. Fishin Frenzy Demo has a RTP value of 96.12%, which is quite good value. A little higher than the average rate of returning similar gaming machines. The mobile version was created in HTML5 technology, which translates into comfortable playing also on mobile devices. The game adapts to the resolution of the smartphone itself.

Wins in Fishin Frenzy

Fishin Frenzy The game machine offers very high winnings. With a minimum plant of 100 loans, the table looks as follows.

ssymbol Cover CC kch Dirt
A, K, Q, J, 10 600 2,600 10,000
the fish 1,000 6,000 20,000
Floats, lifebuoy 2,000 10,000 60,000
fishing rod 3,000 15,000 100,000
pelican 500 5,000 20,000 200,000
angler 1,000 10,000 50,000 500,000

Fishin Frenzy's Inflicts

The automatic control has been moved to the lower interface. From the left, it is successively choosing the rate, selecting the number of winning lines, selecting the maximum bet, player's balance, current bet, automatic game and drums.

The game has a problem with displaying the balance and plant value. The letters and numbers are very low, which makes them illegible. This also applies to the table and fish labels during free spins. Each time the number of winning lines will be changed on symbols. So you see them in the easiest way.

The rules of the game were hidden at the very top in the right corner of the machine. They can be displayed under the symbol with the letter "i". It is worth getting acquainted with them because they describe in detail all important functions of the machine.

Bonuses for playing in Fishin Frenzy

registration bonuses This is something that is the strength of this machine. The basic bonus are free spins. They are activated by the Scatter symbol. The number of free revolutions will depend on the number of Scaatter's speeches. 3 scatters are 10 free revolutions, 4 scatters are 15 turns and 5 scatters are 20 free spinów.

When playing free spins, there is an additional symbol of the angler. It works twice. As a classic Wild, it replaces other symbols except for Scatter, and as a angler or fish hunter. Fish appearing on the drums have their labels with values. If the fish and angler appear during one turn, he will collect them, adding the values of fish labels to the player's result. When the fish only appear, unfortunately no one will catch them. The angler itself will also leave empty -handed and work possibly as Wild.

The result of all revolutions is added to each other so that after the end of the spins it is assigned to the player's balance. They say that anglers are calm people. It may be so, but inside they have a nomm omen a gambler. Two different risk games have been prepared, which can be activated after each win.

The first is classic black or red guessing. Game card colors change quickly on the table. You have to bet on the next color. With two types to choose from, the chances are 50%. Winning or will be doubled, but it will be lost. The mistake ends this risk. Is it worth risking? You have to find out yourself, e.g. in the free version of the game.

The second is probably even more interesting, and certainly the less frequently used version of Gamble is a ladder. The player is placed on the ladder. The ladder is high, but it can be either at the bottom (if it comes to the game at a lower rate) or almost at the top (if it starts the game with a higher rate).

The field above and under the player lights up and goes out. If the player clicks when the field is shining above - he automatically climbs to this level. Similarly, when he chooses the level below, he goes down. Unlike the first risk game, here the mistake does not end the adventure. The game goes on and the player has the opportunity to enter a higher level. The game ends when the player goes to the top, goes down, or will withdraw at a specific level.

In both risk game versions, it is possible to take half a win and risk the remaining part. Sometimes you can divide it several times, and have fun, e.g. in a ladder, only a small fraction of the initial amount, of course starting from the bottom of the ladder. Using the ladder seems to be simpler because the mistake does not cross the chance immediately, and you can try to recover what has been lost with the previous mistake.

Review summary

As you can see, fishing can be interesting. It is not just a boring soaking of the stick in the water, but also an amazing adventure. Fishin Frenzy, despite minor deficiencies, is a very good automatic and it's worth playing. Bonuses and two different risk games look particularly interesting. Through your rod and maybe you can catch a golden fish.