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If you've ever tried to play some other gambling than just slot machines, then we are sure that Blackjack was one of your choices, or at least he caught your eyes at least once. And if you have never had the opportunity to play this game, because you thought it was a difficult game or that you couldn't handle it, we have prepared our today's article especially for you.

You will learn from it what the blackjack game is, what is its varieties, whether there are strategies of conduct and, above all, why it is such a popular choice among many fans of gambling - both advanced and beginners. Because really Blackjack is very simple, so it's easy to start playing. But at the same time it allows the use of really complex strategies and methods, so it is perfect for those who like real challenges. And you will learn everything that you need to know about it from our article.

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So you can play Blackjack for free this way, learning the rules of this casino game without any restrictions. And this is so useful because producers of gambling often release new titles with better graphic design, more attractive animations and other improvements, in addition, various promotions for card games are still available in casinos, among which Blackjack game is one of the most popular choices , this list current bonuses without deposit and promotion free money without deposit You can see on our gambling website.

Playing blackjack - basic rules

If you are interested in playing blackjack, then of course you must first know its rules. Fortunately, they are not too complicated, at least at the beginning. The general goal of the game is to get more points from the dealer, but at the same time without exceeding the number 21. Among other things, due to this value in our country, this game is also known under other names, such as "eye" or "twenty -one".

In general, if you want to achieve a really specific success while playing this game, then you need to master the art of counting cards - but this is a more advanced stage. At the beginning, the game in Blackjack requires absolute foundations, i.e. learning the values of cards and a simple basic strategy and naturally concentration along with logical thinking. Here is a set of information at the beginning of your adventure with this card game:

  • At the beginning you get two cards. The dealer gets the same. You see both your cards, and the dealer depending on the game has both covered cards or one discovered.
  • You can choose one card in any number of steps. There is no restriction here.
  • If the sum of your cards exceeds 21 points, you have lost the hand regardless of the roar. If you got 21 points, you always win.
  • The settlement of the hand is to compare your hand with dealer cards. If you have more points (but less than 21), you won the hand. In the case of the same number of points, a draw is announced and the whole rate returns to you.

Sample gameplay

At this point, we will describe the course of a typical Blackjack online game. First, however, we will start by discussing the ways to calculate points in this game:

  • Figures in blackjack are always worth 10 points.
  • Other cards according to the numerical value - for example, six are 6 points.
  • The colors are not important for the game.
  • AS is a card of special importance - it can have a value of 1 or 11 points, depending on what is a more favorable solution for the player.

The game in Blackjack Online, of course, starts with distributing cards two for you and for the dealer. You can decide on the next step at this point - you have several options to choose from depending on the cards in your hand (we will discuss them in detail later). However, the most important issue is whether you want to choose additional cards. It all depends on how many points you have accumulated so far. You can choose one card after as many times as you like (but remember not to exceed 21 points). Once you decide that you have as many cards as you want, you can choose the end of the game, which means comparing cards with a crucifier and paying a win if you beat the dealer.

The most important concepts for Blackjack

In addition to knowing the most important rules, it is also worth knowing the basic concepts to better move around the game during the game. Thanks to this, the whole will be transparent and understandable to you. Here is an easy to remember table.

English term Australian term Meaning
Player Player So you - a person playing Blackjack.
Dealer Krupier A person or computer - his task is to run a game for players.
Shoe Box Card container, from which the dealer issues subsequent cards during the hand.
Shuffle Tasowanine Mixing cards at the waist so as to get their random distribution
Hand Distribution So just the cards that the player holds in his hand.
Chip Token So a substitute for money used when playing for betting.
Soft Hand Soft cards A system consisting of ASA and a card worth from 2 to 9 points.
Hard Hand Hard cards The arrangement of two cards, none of which is an ace.
Ace As A double -value card in blackjack - depending on what is a more favorable solution for the player, may have 1 or 11 points.
Tracking Counting cards The technique of remembering cards that have already "left" during the game. Not very useful in online casinos.
Bust/Break Fura Cards in hand with a value higher than 21 points, which means automatic losing.

If you master the contents of the above table, then Blackjack in Australian online casino It will become a much more understandable game for you!

Basic decisions and choices while playing

At this point, we intend to present you with basic concepts regarding decisions made during the game.

Function Description
Double S doubled on the game - option available only with two cards in hand.
Surrender Submitting the hand, i.e. a loss.
HIT Additional card request.
STAND It will remain with the current number of cards in hand.
Triple An additional plant that is a combination of Blackjack and a three -card poker. Such a game has a 21+3 designation.
Insurance Insurance means an additional amount of the plant. The option is available only if the dealer has an discovered ace. Such a plant is won when the dealer has 21 points in hand.
Even money A variety of an insurance plant, available when the player has Blackjack in his hand, and the dealer revealed ASA.
Split Separating two identical cards into two independent hands and playing two hands.

The most common Blackjack online varieties

Of course, in our article we describe the rules current for a typical Blackjack online game, but you can also find interesting varieties of this game on the market. We describe them in the table below.

Name of the Blackjack game variety Description
American Blackjack / Klasyczny Blackjack / Atlantic City Blackjack Under this name there are a number of varieties with principles slightly different towards the classic blackjack. In general, it can be said that the dealer always selects cards with below 17 points and stops having at least 17.
Spanish blackjack This game variety has slightly more liberal rules, such as the doubles option with any number of cards, 3: 2 wins for 21 points obtained for more than two cards. There are no dozens at the deck of cards.
European blackjack In this version we have only one variety against the standard game, namely the European Blackjack Online PL is characterized by the fact that the dealer gives away only one card and reveals it, not two at once.
Chinese blackjack This variety also appears in several versions generally referred to as Chinese blackjack. We can consider the most important difference that, in addition to the set giving 21 points, it also ensures that two aces also ensure.

Other Blackjack varieties

Of course, the above section does not exhaust the topic of varieties of this game, as now Blackjack is present under many versions, varieties and names. Here is a list of the most popular of them.

Game name Description
Double Exposure Blackjack is extremely rare in online casinos, as a player has a lot of advantage in it. It consists in the fact that the dealer reveals both its cards, not just one.
3 Card Blackjack This is Blackjack online with an interesting modification. Well, both the dealer and the player receive three cards. To create a scored combination you can use two of these cards or three, as desired.
Blackjack Switch This is an interesting option in which each player plays two hands with the ability to switch the cards between them any.
Spanish 21 This is a version with slightly more free rules that is based on decks deprived of dozens.
Caribbean 21 In this variety, AS has a value of 1 point, and the winning system is AS and two figures or dozens referred to as Caribbean 21.
Super Fun 21 In this version we have an additional system stronger than a typical blackjack. He has the form of six or more cards worth 20 points.
Pontoon Australian or British version of Blackjack. Here, the player first gets one card and then sets the bet for the game. In addition, the game pays a special prize for winning five cards in hand.
Blackjack SD This is Blackjack online played using one waist, which is also the name (SD - Single Deck).
6 Deck Shoe Blackjack This is a variety for which as many as six waist are used.

In addition, there are also regional varieties, such as German or Canadian, for example, which have a lot in common with Spanish Blackjack or Pontoon - the differences are really minimal and in principle you will not see them during a normal game.

5 methods to win in blackjack online

One of the reasons why Blackjack online is so popular is that it can be relatively easy to win in it - especially considering that there are plenty of methods and strategies available to this game. Here are a few of them.

Counting cards It just involves remembering cards that have already been distributed and taken from the table. If Blackjack Game Online is on the basis of one waist, it is quite easy to predict what cards may appear next.
Basic strategy It has the form of an easy -to -remember table determining subsequent movements depending on the development of the situation on the table.
Metoda hi-lo This is a modified strategy based on counting cards. Since the first hand, the player gives additional point value to the cards. The ones from 2 to 5 are worth 1 point, 7 to 9 zero points, and the higher -1 point. If at a given time the total point sum is higher than zero, it means that there are more cards with a value of 10 points in the waist. On this basis, the basic strategy is adapted.
System Kelly This is popular for Blackjack Online Strategy, consisting in the fact that the player puts plants equal to the player's advantage over the casino. If it is combined with the HI-LO method, the effects can be really very interesting for the player.
Mathematical advantage Players on an ongoing basis calculate the likelihood of obtaining a specific result based on the cards used, current cards on the table, the height of the plants and other parameters. Even special programs are available to make appropriate calculations on an ongoing basis.

The biggest advantages of playing blackjack

Regardless of whether you are interested in Blackjack for free or in the version for real money, this game has really huge advantages that are worth knowing:

  1. Online Blackjack has very simple rules that can be mastered in less than a minute. Of course, to play based on advanced strategies, you should be slightly more into the topic, but generally to start the game is enough to know the basic rules.
  2. This card game is extremely exciting. Each round is a huge dose of impressions.
  3. Blackjack online gameplay is very dynamic. Each hand can be closed in a few seconds. This advantage, however, does not apply to live games, where for obvious reasons it lasts a little longer.
  4. Strategies and methods of conduct are very effective - and this means that a skillfully played blackjack can bring you a lot of money.
  5. It is a game for low rates, so even if you have a small budget, you can easily play blackjack at an online casino.

What games should you play in?

If you are interested in Blackjack for free, then you will find the best offer of games on our website. Specialists working for us have chosen the best titles in their opinion, which is worth paying attention to - but of course you will find many more great games to choose from, to color. Here are our suggestions.

Automatic Producer The year of publishment RTP Description
Blackjack Lucky Sevens EvoPlay 2018 99,60% A very nicely made game with an interesting function. Well, three seven means an additional X1.5 multiplier to win.
MultiHand Blackjack Bgaming 2018 99,22% This is a classic blackjack online game that allows you to play for several hands, not just one.
American Blackjack Habanero 2017 99,65% A product typical of Habanero, in which the emphasis was placed on the simplicity of service and high dynamics of the game.
Classic Blackjack Espresso Games 2016 99,57% The most classic variety of this game, but allowing you to play for three hands simultaneously.
Lucky Blackjack Espresso Games 2019 96,97% A nicely made game that will delight fans of spectacular graphic design

Blackjacka's most noteworthy strategies

We have repeatedly mentioned that Free Blackjack online allows you to easily train various strategies. So if you want to play this game for real money, then pay attention to the following options.

Basic strategy This is a method to reduce the casino advantage. As a result, the value of this advantage can be reduced from a typical level of 5.48% to even 0.5%. The basic strategy is based on a specially developed table. We have dealer cards, player cards and optimal moves for the appropriate arrangement. For example, if the player has 16 points and the dealer unveiled seven, then the player should choose another card. Of course, this is not a one hundred percent effective method, because random factors are always at stake, but it is undoubtedly worth learning.
Counting cards using the usual or hi-lo method While in both cases it is quite difficult for a novice player, because you need to focus not only on the game, but also to remember the cards that have already been used, it is quite a recommendable option. It consists in the basic version in counting the values of the cards that have already come out of the waist. Then the player can more or less know what kind of cards are still at the waist.

In turn, the Hi-Lo option is a slightly more extensive counting method, but slightly simpler to use. Here you don't have to remember all cards. You just assign a certain value to each of them. Basic cards, i.e. two, three, four, Fridays and six have a value of 1 point. Seven, eight and nine are 0 points. Higher cards (and aces) have a value -1 point. As a result, the player has one parameter to remember on an ongoing basis, this is the current value that is the sum of all cards used during the game. And now this value is used to make decisions during the game.

A few tips for beginners

To start with, play Blackjack Online Free using the offer of our website. You can overtrain everything in this way. But of course it is worth adding to this to expand knowledge by reading professional articles (such as this), which will allow you to become a more aware user. What else do?

  • Play for free to practice new methods and strategies if you get to know a new one.
  • Watch the games available on the Internet led by professionals.
  • Focus on one specific version (for example, let it be a basic blackjack online for free), and do not try to play in all varieties at once.
  • Master the basic strategy. It is really perfect.

Blackjack in the live version

Blackjack Online is free only in a traditional version, with a computer crumb. But if you play for real money, then you can also play with a real crumb. He is a real person who deals with the game for you. He sits in a special studio, surrounded by cameras and in front of a real game table by following your commands. He launches the game, collects tokens, spreads cards and so on.

This solution requires a good internet connection, as the image is sent to the player through video streaming, but such a game provides the greatest emotions and experiences. In turn, Blackjack video is much more dynamic and less demanding than the device you play on. And is available as free online blackjack. So choose what you prefer!

Blackjack in the mobile version

Nowadays, players use various types of platforms. Popular options include Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry. Of course, the first concerns desktop computers or laptops, and the others are mobile devices. But modern games are developed so that they work on the largest range of platforms, thanks to standards such as HTML5 and JavaScript. They simply work in web browsers, which have basically all devices on the market. And this means that Blackjack online is free available on all types of platforms and devices - also on smartphones you can play fully comfortably and enjoy the game.

Short history of the game in blackjack

The first written mention of a similar to Blackjack is in the book of the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes. Cervantes himself was an addictive gambler, and the heroes of his amendment entitled "Rinconte and Cortadillo" from 1601 are card fraudsters operating in Seville. There are experts in cheating in the game called "Veintiuna" (in Spanish "twenty -one"), and the author claims that the purpose of this game is to get 21 points without crossing the border, and AS is value 1 or 11.

Another mention of this game appeared in 1768, it was already known in France. The first principles similar to today were developed in Great Britain in 1800 under the name Vingt-Un Twenty-Ane, and when the game appeared in the United States at the beginning of the 19th century, it kept the name Blackjack. Since then, it has become an extremely popular card game, which appears in all basically online and traditional casinos around the world.

A few words as a summary

As you probably know after reading our today's article, Free Online Blackjack is a very attractive, exciting and extremely engaging card game. What's more - it is very simple to master, so you do not need to learn complicated rules, such as in the case of online poker. So play Free Blackjack on our website, have fun, and then start playing for real money and win thanks to the knowledge you got from us.


Is Blackjack a good game to start with or is it better to choose any other?
One of the biggest advantages of Blackjack is a simple set of basic rules and the ability to use very advanced strategies by experienced players. But nothing prevents you from starting the adventure with card games from Blackjack. However, if you have any concerns, then play a bakrata first, which is an even simpler game, but with quite similar rules!
If I know the principles of classic blackjack, will I deal with other varieties?
In the majority of cases, as usually the blackjack varieties differ only in small details, and the rules are the same.
Is Blackjack online the same as Blackjack Live?
Yes and no. Live Blackjack is a game with a real crumb, and the standard Blackjacki online use a computer playing the role of a dealer. Besides, these are identical games.
Is Blackjack online worse than a real blackjack?
On the contrary - it has the same rules, but it allows you to play wherever you want, what rates you want and when you want. You can also choose different varieties of this game, such as differing in graphic design. You don't have any choice options in traditional blackjack.
What number of waist is used in Blackjack online games?
It depends. Sometimes it is one waist, sometimes from 3 to 5, and sometimes the game regulations clearly state that all cards return to the waist and are reused.

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