Roulette This is one of the leading table games on the global gambling market. It has already gained its popularity in the first ground casinos, and to this day this type of game has already undergone a lot of modifications, it is known under various variants of the game and is still enjoying the growing popularity, both in stationary casinos and among internet players.

Today's entry about this popular game will include a detailed description of the rules of fun along with the division into various varieties of roulette and a description of rates and potential probabilities to win. We will create an online knowledge database for our readers about online roulette knowledge, so that players can quickly search for all the most interesting information that can largely contribute to more effective operation of such games, including much better winnings.

In addition, we provide players with free online roulette games, in which you will be able to train your knowledge and prepare for real money on real terms without any fees.

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Types of online roulette

The online roulette game is divided into several dozen types and varieties. Of course, beginner players do not have to meet all of them, but it is worth understanding at least the most popular and most commonly made available types.

Initially, the three most popular online roulette varieties, occurring under regional names, should be demarcable. The names themselves do not determine the place of playing these games, but the location of their initiation. Each of the available types of roulette is governed by slightly different rules, and we can describe the exact differences and their characteristics with the help of the table below:

Types of roulette Description
American American roulette is an exciting game with an additional field on a roulette circle and just one crumb. In addition, the American equivalent of roulette according to players and experts guarantees much greater winnings and rates, but a slightly less likely to win due to the greater number of possibilities to hit.
European This type of roulette game consists in drawing hits with 37 fields to the game. European roulette is served by as many as three dealer who have their specific roles and support themselves in specific situations. The roulette in European roulette is exciting and with a greater probability to win than its American counterpart.
France As in the European variety, as many as three croupies sit at the table. The game leader is always men who serve the roulette circle created from 37 or 38 compartments. The rules of the game French roulette are practically identical as in the case of European gameplay.


The general rules of playing with online roulette are very simple. An experienced dealer always watches over its course, and a special system in the machine game, which properly settles every hit, so that the player does not have to worry about checking and settling his results.

Routes in roulette are responsible for taking the correct plants and starting the roulette circle. In the next steps they analyze all hits and compare them with the settings of the game participants. In a situation of victory, the dealer pays players the correct rate for the round.

The whole phenomenon that drives the fashion for the game on a free roller roulette is based on the draw of numbers according to the roulette wheel. The result indicated by the ball is the final indication of the victorious number, zone or color.

Going into the online roulette game, you can carefully analyze the chances of winning with specific placed, and players, using the history of draw and potential probability, can set their tactics on the game, which in several historical cases has already turned out to be a hit, and more specifically breaking down the bank by players. Each type of roulette game is associated with a different characteristics, which we will discuss in more detail in the next parts of this entry.

Roulette strategies

How many players so many strategies for the game. In many cases, experienced players decide to play rounds according to the most popular patterns, developed by enthusiasts of this gambling discipline. On the list of the most -used and widely known strategies in the slot machines, we can find, among others,:

  • Martingale - Good strategy for a moment, but its long use does not fully guarantee profitable results. Martingale is a system supporting the winning in the initial phase of the game at the roulette.
  • Alembert - a well -known system of making up for losses and games to bounce the player in a few consecutive rounds. Experienced players can use this strategy for low but frequent winnings.
  • Fibonacciiego - This system based on a well -known mathematical algorithm has shown its potential more than once. With this tactic, you can bet on the basis of Fibonacci numbers, supported by numerous mathematical theories.
  • Fisher - One of the most thoughtful and at the same time complicated roulette strategies. The player, using this tactic, should play four identical rounds, and in the event of failure to play a summary.
  • Lab coins - This type of gameplay is based on Fibonacci's strategy, but the choice of numbers is an individual matter for players.

Roulette online plants

These strategies can be based on the game inside and from the outside of the table. When choosing your tactics, it is worth checking these issues carefully, because these are the characteristic features of the game and can have a big impact on the final result with this type of play. Internet roulette is characterized by a different way of dealing plants, but in most cases the rules coincide with a stationary game known from casinos.

In addition to distinguishing rates for internal and external, roulette players should learn the classic types of plants and the possibilities of dividing rates. Among the most common bets in roulette, plants stand out:

  • Straight - betting on individual numbers on the wheel. Winning is activated for hitting one specific number. The rate when winning is doubled.
  • Split - A plant for neighboring numbers. Two adjacent numbers are bet and the win applies to one of the selected types.
  • Street - plants on the basis of horizontal rows, i.e. three lines. Wins in this case concern any value in this area.
  • Corner - Four numbers at the same time are subject to betting. This area brings a win when hitting any number from the selected square.
  • Six Line - Such a plant includes two complete and neighboring lines. The award is subject to hitting at least one field in the selected range.

Below we attach the table with probability for all listed and other systems in plants at the online roulette table.

Bet Probability (American) Probability (European, French) Solvency
Single plant 2,60% 2,70% 35:1
Double plant 5,30% 5,40% 17:1
3 numbers 7,90% 8,10% 11:1
4 numbers 10,50% 10,80% 8:1
5 numbers 13.20% 6:1
Two rows 15,80% 16,20% 5:1
Column 31,60% 32,40% 2:1
Dozen 31,60% 32,40% 2:1
Even odd 47,40% 48,60% 1:1
Red/black 47,40% 48,60% 1:1
Tall short 47,40% 48,60% 1:1

Principles of plants in Casino Roulette

Clear gameplay rules apply in roulette. Players starting to play, they should know the regulations and orient themselves on the terminology and rules of playing rounds. At each round played in the game, only specific fields are winning, which are automatically settled. Players can use popular plants in roulette, which includes popular hands, contained according to the rules such as:

  1. Maximum win - Using the maximum permissible rate for one Straight plant. Individual slides set the maximum stake that cannot be exceeded.
  2. Maximum permissible number of extensions - rates combined on the basis of various settings, from Split to Six Line. Roulette tables allow placing plants, but limit the maximum value of the total bet to the round.
  3. Minimum plant - Each table allows you to play for fixed sums of money. For this reason, the minimum limit of a single plant applies. In most cases, this is the same amount for all plants offered.

Curiosities of the roulette game

By starting playing Casino roulette, we are aware that players know at least a bit about this type of fun and are able to operate the game table. Having such knowledge, it is worth from time to time to read the news and news from the world of gambling, where important information about new tactics and profitable ways of playing are posted. Among this type of news you can also find industry curiosities about the game on these vending machines. Every gambler and passionate of roulette should know that:

  • Roulette at the casino is a devilish game - in player jargon, online roulette is called a devil's game because of its characteristics, and more precisely the fact that the sum of the numbers contained on its table is always a value equal to 666.
  • Roulette is filmed the opposite to the movement of the clock guidelines - the round in roulette is powered by reverse movement to those on the classic clock. Such a turn of things, however, causes the ball to rotate according to its instructions.
  • The record of winning in roulette is $ 150 million - an official record holder of roulette games, in one night accumulated a win with the equivalent of $ 150 million.
  • Roulette is loved by women - research on the popularity of the roulette game has indicated that it is more popular with a woman's group than in a male part.
  • The game was created by accident - a wheel of roulette and the rules of its game were created as a result of work on creating a prototype of perpetum mobile.

Best online roulette games

For this part of players who prefer playing roulette as a game of slot machines, we have prepared a short list of the most interesting gambling productions from reputable producers. In our opinion, we present the most interesting items offering fun on the principles of classic roulette, with the option of testing them for free in demo mode:

Roulette game Producer Description
Roulette Royal Amatic Simple roulette plays 2D with the most necessary options, including the story of the bets, the option of playing for various configurations and combining rates using the simulation of tokens spreading. This machine is available in the best Roulette online casinos.
Multi Wheel Roulette Microgaming Roulette variety with the option of choosing a specific wheel. Multi Wheel Roulette offers its players access to eight different draws and a very convenient game table with the most necessary functions and tokens.
Gold Roulette Wazdan Free Roulette roulette from Wazdan is a simple game with the upper view of the game window. Players of this Slot can enjoy standard bets and a simple game screen created according to classic methods. This game, like all the rest of the proposed productions, works on phones and computers.
Premium Roulette European Playtech The exclusive version of the game in 3D roulette on European principles. Players have at their disposal a table with two separate views, an animated simulation of the draw and a comprehensive set of rates in the form of different values of tokens.

Roulette online bonuses

As casino game Online roulette without a deposit is a favorite way to spend free time by many players and Internet users, manufacturers and online casinos encourage users of this type of competition to check their specific game offer. Creating an account in online casinos is always free, and interesting marketing games are used to encourage players.

In roulette, as in all other skirmishes for real money, attractive applies Depositless bonuses and welcome. As part of attractions, casinos offer players numerous bonus programs, loyalty packages and bonuses for the first deposit.

One of the most interesting bonuses for playing slot machines online without a deposit is the win free money without deposit. In this case, Internet users can use the full sum of free cash to play selected rounds on the games offered by the platform. Roulette bonus without a deposit and a start bonus are the most profitable game add -ons for roulette players, which, like all the rest of the free promotions, have their conditions for receipt, rotation and payment.

Our team of experts is constantly analyzing online casino offers, thanks to which as one of the few we are able to guarantee players permanent access to the most interesting promotions, bonuses for registration and additional offers for playing with bonuses. Follow our site and be up to date.

Roulette - how to play to win?

Many players in online roulette are counting on happiness. Of course, such tactics have some support in the history of the competition, but the most thoughtful option of online gameplay is to use proven tips for experienced players. Online Roulette Demo is the best way to gather experience without risk.

Based on proven opinions of Internet users and legendary gamblers, we have created a short list of tips that can be useful in training before a real game. Here are some examples:

  • Division - Play for smaller rates and share your factories. With more chances to win, you play safer. In addition, you can use one of the proven tactics.
  • Play and have fun - Do not treat the game as sources of income and do it for pleasure.
  • Use a trusted casino - Choose only legal and proven pages. The solvency of gambling is crucial when you win large amounts.
  • Set your limits - Do not play for large amounts and always try to follow the payment limits so as not to fall into addiction.
  • Do not give up - The new round is new possibilities and a new hand. With each turn, the chance of winning is identical and never drops.

Who produces roulette games online?

The distributors of slot machines Roulette online game are usually proven programming companies. Before allowing the game, special software tests and certificates are required, which are allocated only to reputable gambling manufacturers. The giants in the category of roulette and other casino games are, for example:

  • EvoPlay - Awarded studio producers of gambling and gaming games many times. In the portfolio of this company you can find over 100 valued Online gambling games, available in the best casinos on the global gaming market.
  • Wazdan - One of the few Australian studies that are involved in creating good quality games for real money. Free roulette and other games of this manufacturer are usually in Australian, and its popularity goes even beyond the EU borders.
  • NetEnt - Popular technology providers for casino game software, game machines and online game shows. A company with vast experience, created at the end of 90 in Sweden.
  • Playtech - Another giant, this time from Estonia. The beginnings of this manufacturer's activity date back to 1999, and since then there are gambling in the market in the amount of several hundred pieces provided for players from many countries.

Roulette for real money and for free

The Internet and a large selection of websites allows for individual decisions of each player. In this matter, users can choose the type, manufacturer and a change in roulette game in which they want to start the game. Depending on individual preferences, players can use many varieties of the game and choose whether they are ready to start rivalry on the roulette machine for real money. Of course, distinguishing the demo game and competition for real money has many advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in more detail in the table below:

Roulette for free Roulette for money
A game without obligations and without the risk of losing private cash. Online roulette for money is the opportunity to lose or win real money.
He plays without any unexpected twists and turns, including losses and negative emotions. The not responsible game can end in gambling addiction.
The option of training and testing the machine's offer before taking a risk in a real game roulette for money. This kind of game has real and sometimes uncontrolled emotions.

Roulette online game - advantages and disadvantages

Deeply analyzing the pros and cons of playing roulette, it is easy to draw the conclusions that it is an interesting and exciting game, and therefore a good opportunity to spend a moment of free time. The following table of es and minuses of playing a roulette for free should bring several conclusions supporting this thesis.

Pros Minuses
A great opportunity to relax and develop mind. The possibility of uncontrolled addiction to the game.
An interesting proposition to spend free time with friends. At first glance, a boring game.
A good way to escape from everyday duties and spend free time.

Roulette - how to play on the phone?

In recent years, all gambling has become more accessible to all players. With technological development and trouble -free access to smartphones with the internet connection, game manufacturers took care of configuring slots in such a way that mobile players could easily connect to the game even outside the home and without access to the computer.

Currently, virtually every gambling game works on phones and tablets without any programs and applications, and the whole game process is supported by web browsers. Players are increasingly deciding to play on the phone, which can be seen in the statistics online casinos.

Mobile playing in the Casino Roulette is not only convenience, but also a modern approach to spending free time in all conditions - whether in a queue to the store or on the bus.

Roulette game - the history of the uprising

There is no official information on how roulette was discovered and how to set its rules. The only reliable source providing information is the Internet and literature, in which roulette was to be built at the beginning of 1790 in France.

The author of roulette similar to the modern version is the well -known mathematician Pascal, who, when developing the theory of probability, trained his mind using a similar numerical game. In the following years, Casino Roulette underwent numerous modifications, subsequent people added the motive for the draw of numbers with a ball, and as a consequence and after numerous modifications of the game rules, the roulette conquers the gambling market from the well -known and modern version. History talks about situations in which roulette plays for free was banned in some regions of the world.

Pascal as an inventor of roulette is also the author and inventor of the circle. This discovery certainly contributed to technological and civilization development, as evidenced by further historical events.

Many people mistakenly claim that online roulette in Australia was invented by the American. Such Toeir E is confirmed by the availability of American roulette on the market and its popularity in many countries. With regard to history, such theses are wrong and absolutely untrue.

Online roulette reviews

According to many players, free roulette is an icon of gambling, and virtually every person has heard at least once about this type of competition. Its principles and difficulty of service are easily absorbed, and potential prizes and historical winnings encourage players to try their hand in competition with her company.

When deciding to play an online roulette, it is worth preparing for various possibilities and unexpected scenarios so as not to become the proverbial capital donor for experienced players.

The rules of playing roulette are very simple, and the winning system and options for betting on the rounds in this game are included in several basic issues. It is worth knowing all the rules of the game and tactics recommended by professionals. In case of doubt, each game is equipped with official regulations, which will certainly explain to players all ambiguities.

Once again, we encourage you to train skills and learn to operate roulette games using free demo games on our part. All online roulette and other varieties mentioned in the game can be started for free on any devices without any restrictions on virtual money mode.


Is the roulette game really random?
Roulette games automat are free on our website and in casinos that accept the training game option. In this case, the rounds are placed for virtual tokens without risk.
Where can I play a roulette game for real money online?
Online roulette for free for real money, i.e. games on real terms and at real risk works only in online casinos. Gambling platforms offering the full version of the game and licenses are the only place for legal game.
Is it worth playing with various Casino Roulette game strategies?
The use of known strategies is useful, as experts proved. To increase the likelihood of winning, it is worth changing your guiding tactics from time to time.
Can you play online roulette in Australia for free?
Gambling games including online roulette in Australia are only available on selected pages. If a legal casino in Australia provides roulette game, you can play it as much as possible. Free roulettes are offered by many free sites, for example ours.
Can a casino roulette cheat?
It is not possible to manipulate the result in official roulette games. All online roulette games are subjected to special tests and have certificates from distributors.

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