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Roulette is very often referred to as the queen of casinos. This is quite an accurate term given its rich history, huge popularity and quite unusual rules compared to the rest of the table games. Today's modern roulette was inspired by a similar game, also of a random nature, whose principles were already invented in ancient Greece. The roulette known to us today has several different varieties - French, American and European. You can find it both in stationary premises offering Casino gamesand on the Internet, in all online casinos. There you can also come across one of its most interesting versions, Gold Roulette.

The author of the Gold Roulette online game is Wazdan. This producer has been on the market since 2010. Since then, many thrilling games came out from under his hands, most of which are video machines. In addition to them, the Wazdan also designs table games. Their best example is Gold Roulette, whose rules we would like to bring you in this review.

What distinguishes Gold Roulette?

Golden gambling game is based on the mechanism of random numbers. It is not a live game, so on the other side there is a computer that turns the roulette wheel. The stake can be from 0.20 to 100 coins for each plant. The rate is set here using special tokens with 0.10, 0.50, 1, 2, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 units. The RTP coefficient in Gold Roulette is exactly 97.3%. The maximum height of a win can be 36 times the bet. The addition of the game is the Gamble function, thanks to which each prize can be doubled. The game appears in a stationary, but also mobile, available on every portable device.

Gold Roulette - rules and strategies

Gold Roulette game always consists of two stages. At the beginning there is a phase of placing plants, during which the player places his tokens on a special table showing all available bets. Next, the game screen moves to the further stage of the game. A circle with 37 sections appears in its middle. After him, a white ball moves, which stops one number by stopping. The types of plants are in the case of Gold Roulette without a deposit very similar to other types of roulette. Here are possible plants to be selected with the payout:

Type of plant Solvency
Single number 36:1
Two numbers next to each other 18:1
Three numbers in one column 12:1
Four numbers placed in relation to each other in a square 9:1
Six numbers in the same line 6:1
Dobryns, i.e. numbers from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24 or 25-36 3:1
The whole row is horizontally 3:1
Factory for black or red numbers 2:1
Plant for the first (1-18) or the other half of the numbers (19-36) 2:1
Plant for even or odd numbers 2:1

A ball stopped on a circle will always indicate only one specific number. If the drawn number is covered with the player chosen by the player, the prize specified in the payment table will be awarded. It can be seen that easier combinations to hit have lower solvency than those whose predictions can be more difficult. Additional bets can be found under the Ratetrack button. ORPH is a plant for 1 specific number and 4 plants for 2 numbers. Zero is a plant for 36 and 4 plants for 2 numbers. It is also possible to put plants on a special series of numbers.

A novelty compared to other roulettes is the Gamble function, which appears after each win. Thanks to it, the prize can be doubled. After activating this function, a covered card appears on the screen. The player must then choose one of two colors. When he manages to hit, the win will be increased. If not, the whole win will be lost. Gold Roulette online has a similar control console as in the case of slots. In the middle there is a Spin button that causes a circle to turn off. When we have an active plant, we can make another, at the same button at the same rate. In the meantime, the possibility of removing or modification appears.

On the right, the remaining number of coins is displayed, a button that allows you to change the animation speed and tokens of different colors and values. In the lower left corner there is another menu, describing the rules and table of payments, but also the game settings and its sound. Roulette It is a game based on the probability account, which allows you to create various strategies with greater or less effectiveness. Some of them can be used at Gold Roulette for free.

Theoretically, after each losing round, you should increase your plant. In the case of winning, the plant should remain the same. Such a game strategy is safe and was created in order to allow you to recover the lost amount in a longer period of time, slightly increasing it. Such a tactic requires some patience and perseverance from the player, given the need to constantly increase the rate. Gold Roulette internet has its own payout table, which is worth getting to know before the game. This speaks a lot not only about the potential prize, but also about the probability and frequency of incidence of systems.

Thoughts on Gold Roulette

If you are a fan of roulette who can not pass indifferently next to her next version, Gold Roulette Roulette will certainly work as another alternative. The game is not exaggerated or overloaded with additional options, and its interface is extremely transparent and logical. The rules are the same as in all roulettes, which is why we can encourage it especially players who are just learning them. Gamble, which will allow you to multiply every win, even several times in a row, may be useful. If in doubt, start with gambling for free, at Gold Roulette Demo, in each Gold Roulette Casino Gold.


Is the Gold Roulette game available for free?
Of course. In online casinos you can play Gold Roulette in a paid and free version. The latter does not require a deposit, login or registration.
Does every casino on the network offer the opportunity to play in the Gold Roulette online game?
Although the Gold Roulette game does not appear in every online casino, you should not have problems finding it.
What do I have to do to get the opportunity to win real money online at Gold Roulette online?
Once you find the Gold Roulette casino, log in to your account and pay the deposit.
How can I run Gold Roulette on my phone?
You don't have to download any applications. The game will be displayed as soon as you turn the phone horizontally.