Honey Rush

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  • Producer: Play’n Go
  • Drums: 7
  • Winning lines: 1
  • RTP: 96%
  • Autoplay option: So

Honey Rush – automat online

If you have ever dealt with gambling for real money produced by Play’n Go, you probably know that this Swedish manufacturer can surprise with something fresh, innovative and unconventional. And this group also belongs to the Honey Rush Game Author. It is a video slot based on the motif of the gardens and the collection of honey by bees, which appeared on the market in 2019 and from the very beginning delighted players with amazing solutions and great playability. Today we are presenting you this game!

But you don't just have to read about it. On our website you will also find Honey Rush Demo, which will allow you to get to know this interesting title better. Note that we let you play this game for free. We don't make you set up an account on our website or log in. There is no need to pay money, provide personal data, subscribe to our newsletter, or click on advertising to unlock the possibilities of playing.

Just click the button, wait a few seconds for Honey Rush to load and start for free, and then you can go ahead and go to play. We do not apply any time restrictions on you, so you can play as long as you like, we also give you the opportunity to play unrestrained on any device, also on a mobile phone. This is a great option, thanks to which you will learn the game, gain experience, understand how the creation of winning combinations works, and how special options work. And then you can sit in your favorite legal casino online to play in Honey Rush for real money with A bonus to start without a deposit Already as an experienced player.

Honey rush technical functions and specifications

As soon as you run Honey Rush for the first time without registration, you will quickly find that it is not similar to anything you saw before. The game screen has no rectangular shape with a typical 5 × 3 size. Instead, we have a hexagon here, which each of the six sides consists of four six -shaped fields. As a result, we have as many as 37 fields on the screen, most of which are in with six others (not counting the extreme).

How does this translate into combinations of symbols? Well, here we do not have a typical solution based on active win lines. Honey Rush Online treats the winners for each system of symbols in with any wall, if there are at least five of them. So here we have combinations created using the cluster method, not on the active win line. It is worth emphasizing that if we hit such a combination, the game removes such symbols from the board, and new ones fall from above. So this is a specific variety of free respiratory. This process is repeated as many times as more combinations will appear to ensure that the winnings will appear. Besides, we have standard and "sticky" Wildy here (sticky) and multipliers of winnings.

The minimum plant for one round is 0.20 coins here, and the maximum amount to be built is 100 coins. If we take an RTP indicator of 94.50% and high variability, then we get a title that can provide the player with really large amounts to be won, if of course he is a bit of luck.

Honey Rush payment table

Above, we mentioned the high variability offered by Honey Rush Slot - but does it automatically translate into high wins? Let's see how it looks in the table below.

ssymbol The scope of winnings for combinations from 5 to over 35 symbols
Diamond 100 – 20 000
Gold coin 50 – 10 000
Silver coin 40 – 7 500
Brown coin 30 – 5 000
Yellow, red, purple or blue flower 10 – 2 000

Of course, these are values for playing at a maximum rate of 100 coins. The highest single amount for a standard combination of symbols can be 20,000 coins, but notice that you can receive a multiplier here up to 27 times to the basic amount of win!

Associals of Honey Rush

As for the game itself, the Honey Rush slot machine is a really attractive title. First of all, it is characterized by excellent graphics, refined in every detail, many small animations that make time pleasant and simply from the first look you can see that it is a product that is counting on the market. In general, Honey Rush just looks great in every respect.

We have a simple and transparent control panel here to control the gameplay. We choose the value of the plant for the game using the buttons with the amounts assigned to them, and then click on a green, round button with arrows. Then in the window gambling for free 37 symbols will appear and the fun will start at all!

On the left side of the control panel you also have a blue button with the letter "I". If you click it, you will see a built -in manual that contains a set of necessary information for beginners. So if you haven't been dealing with this product before, we encourage you to look at this guide so that you can get the necessary knowledge about what awaits you during the game!

Bonuses for playing in Honey Rush

The biggest strength of Honey Rush is undoubtedly a set of advanced additional functions. For example, on the right we have a special meter that fills up after each hit combination of symbols - when it reaches 20 points, the central symbol will be duplicated to neighboring fields.

  • The first level (colony drone) is 7 duplicate symbols,
  • The second (Worker Colony) is from 7 to 15,
  • The third (Queen Colony) means duplicating the symbol from the center to from 20 to as many as 37 fields.

We also have a Wild symbol here. It is a red pot with honey, which not only replaces other symbols, but is also a multiplier of X2 or X3 winnings. If he creates a winning combination of at least 5 symbols, after removing these symbols he will move to an empty place and remain in the game window during the next Re-spine. Importantly - all Wilds' multipliers add up and include all combinations created with honey pots, and not just one in which Wild entered. And this means that if you get happiness, you can hit the multiplier of even X27, which will usually connect with a huge number of symbols. At best, you can get up to 540,000 coins at one time!

Honey Rush Slot - our opinion

We consider the Honey Rush slot machine to be one of the most interesting "unusual" slot Money slot machines, i.e. those that go beyond the beaten drum scheme and winning lines. Here, basically everything is at the highest level. Graphics, sound, special functions, playability - absolute revelation. If we were to give grades on a school scale, then Honey Rush would receive a clean, fully deserved six from us. This is a game that you must know when playing at the selected online casino, where you can get a generous bonus in the form free revs!

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