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Shawls or better - that is the name of the game literally. For people who do not play card games, she will not say much. For players who, as Krzysztof Krawczyk sang, "they ran a thousand decks of cards they like" is information that we are dealing with another very good variety of poker. Jacks or Better Poker It is a game where we can play up to 100 parallel duels. A lot is happening in it and thanks to many parallel thunders, the results can be spectacular.

Jacks or Better online game is based on the principles of a classic poker in which we mention the cards we indicate. If we do not know which it will be best to mention, you can take advantage of the suggestions of our computer assistant. This is a good facilitation for players who are just starting their adventure with poker. In Jacks or Better Demo we play alone and the arrangements will be awarded according to the payment table that we present later in the game review.

Jacks or Better no deposit It is available on our website for playing completely free. These types of free versions of games are the best way to learn about the rules of the game and various playing techniques that Jacks or Better Internet has a lot. The game is available without registration and login. You will not have to download anything, because the game was created in HTML5 technology, thanks to which it is launched from the browser itself. Thanks to this, you will be able to comfortably play on every modern mobile device.

Technical specifications Jacks or Better

Jacks Or Better Free has a choice of 1 to 5. In addition, we indicate the amount of one loan from 0.01 to 20. The product of these values is a complete bet in the game. The limits of the total plant are a minimum of 0.2, maximum 125 tokens. However, the game is so cleverly constructed that it allows you to play higher loan values, only when we choose a smaller number of parallel games. It also works the other way, i.e. the smallest loan values are for 100 parallel games.

The function worth describing is "Auto Hold". It works in such a way that after the exposure of 5 of our cards, the computer suggests which of them should be stopped from replacing. According to the computer, this behavior should be the most profitable. Then the inscription "Hold" appears on selected cards. We can suggest it, or choose the cards that we want to change.

Jacks or Better casino game It also has an automatic game mode. If we want to use it, the "Auto Hold" function will be automatically launched. Without it, all cards would be mentioned every time, which would not make much sense. By using automatic modes, we can only indicate the number of rounds that interest us. Playing poker would not be possible without learning all possible combinations. We presented these in the table below along with examples of cards that meet them and a multiplier of winnings for the rate of 1 loan.

Name System Win multiplier
Poker Królewski / Royal Straight Flush A, k, q, j, 10 cards in one color 250
Poker / Straight Flush 5 cards in turn folded in the same color. AS acts as the highest and lowest card. 50
Kareta / Four of a Kind 4 cards of the same value in different colors 25
Ful / Full House Three and couple, e.g. 5, 5, 5, 8, 8 7
Kolor / Flush 5 cards in one color, but not in turn 5
Strit / Straight 5 cards in order, but in different colors 4
Trójka / Three of a Kind 3 cards of the same value, but in other colors 3
Two pairs / two pair Np. Q, Q, 4, 4 2
Walty or Better / Jacks or Better A pair of values, ladies, kings or aces. 1

Jacks or Better - How to play?

Jacks or Better Online games we start with the choice of the number of parallel games. You can play 1, 5, 10, 50 or 100 games. 5 main cards and more side cards will appear in front of the eyes if we play for more than one game. We start by choosing the height of the plant. On the left next to the picture of the token with a and downside, we change its value. In addition, by clicking the "Bet One" button, conquer the plant. We can also conquer immediately to the very top with one click in "Bet Max". Before proper cards, we can still start the "Auto Hold" and "Auto Play". When we are ready, we choose "Deal".

5 cards are discovered. It will depend on us, which we want to replace and which to leave. You can leave all of them all and the whole. When we play with "Auto Hold", the computer offers us what to leave. This which cards will stop before replacement will affect the other covered cards in the event of more cards. The same on the other cards will be suspended. If we have a strong card in hand, it is worth stopping it. When we decided which we exchange, we choose the "Draw" button. Now all cards are discovering and we see the results what we have been able to hit. There is the height of our win in the "Win" field. Our current game balance in the "Balance" field. At this point, the whole procedure begins from the beginning.

Knowledge of systems and strategy from other poker varieties are most useful. Sometimes we will be better to indicate the cards that we want to stop. To minimize the possible risk of failure, it is worth starting to play with lower rates and fewer parallel games. We will be able to get better in the game and the results will become clearer.

Jacks Or Better - Free game

Jacks or Better is a great variety of poker. It is good both for inexperienced players, who are helped by the "Auto Hold" function and the more beaten ones, they will be able to use more parallel games. With 100 games, the image becomes a bit illegible and the procedure for discovering cards is significantly extended. Animations could be a little faster. This minimal shortcoming, however, does not affect the playability and the overall assessment of the game. We strongly encourage you to play Jacks or Better.


Is it possible to play Jacks or Better for free?
Jacks or Better is free available on our website. You can also play on a smartphone or tablet.
Does Jacks or Better Online have any special options?
Special options in the game are the "Auto Hold" function proposing which cards to stop and also automatic game mode.
Can you win real money in Jacks or Better?
Jacks or Better Casino allows you to play for real money. You will be able to play at any online casino.
Do you have to download Jacks or Better to play?
You don't have to download the game. It was created in HTML5 technology, which works in a browser.