Just Jewels

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  • Producer: Novomatic
  • Drums: 5
  • Winning lines: 9
  • RTP: 95.42
  • Autoplay option: So

Just Jewels slot online

Just Jewels, or only jewels are a classic video slot, in which symbols appearing on the screen are colorful precious stones and other symbols referring to wealth. The game suggests that a real treasure is waiting for us. It doesn't quite look like this. Just Jewels is a small game machine for medium variability. This means that the winnings appear often, but they are relatively small. That is why we have a rather little chance to win the treasure, or rather we will get small pebbles, it will happen often. Such vending machines have both their supporters and opponents. Some value them as an exciting and suspenseful gameplay, others think that how to play is only high rates.

Just Jewels online, belongs to the first wave of slots transferred to the virtual world. We have a visible digital machine in which operating buttons have been incorporated. So it works a bit like a simulator. This approach was once chosen by Novomatic, known to everyone. This studio is a real giant on the market online slots. It has over 50 locations around the world and provides high -class solutions to over 70. In today's review we will look at one of their earlier works, Just Jewels Online. Together we will check what functions he has, how much you can win on it and we will find out if in his time the bonuses we know today were available.

So that we can check this machine together, use the Just Jewels Demo version available on our website or in Casinos without a deposit. Use it to check its operation on your own skin, see the quality of symbols and the machine itself, and most importantly, assess whether the winnings actually appear so often. Remember that you don't risk anything because you can play Just Jewels for free on our website. You don't even need an email address because you have Just Jewels without registration. Fire the game and go further.

Just Jewels - main functions

As we mentioned earlier, Just Jewels is not the latest game. So it is in vain to look for bonus rounds in it, free spins without deposit or a multiplier. The only special symbol is Scatter, and the only additional function is autoplay.

Autoplay, available under the "Automatic Start" button on the right side of the machine, is as simple as the game itself with bonus for registration without a deposit. We have no way to determine how many draws it will be active, or even more program when it is to stop. We just turn on the autoplay and the machine starts the next draws, it will work until we stop it, or the funds on our account will end.

Payment table

In the table below we presented the amount of winnings during the game at the maximum rate of 200. You can check the amount of winnings for other rates at any time by clicking the "PayTable" button. There you will also find the rules of the game and the functions of the machine. They are short, but you still have to get acquainted with them before starting the game.

ssymbol CC kch Dirt
Crown 10,000 100,000 1,000,000
Gold, cash 6,000 30,000 100,000
Red, blue stones 3,000 10,000 40,000
Purple and green stones 2,000 5,000 30,000
Euro (Scatter) 400 2,000 10,000

Just Jewels - basic rules

Just Jewels Game automatic works like its counterparts known from casinos or bars. It is even, as we wrote earlier with a simulator. By clicking the buttons on the virtual machine that the bonus has Free without deposit, control it as if we were standing in front of the physical slot. The game is launched with the Start button, and the prize we receive when at least three identical symbols appear on one of the active winning lines. The amount of winning will be paid as in the example above.

However, when it comes to choosing the rate, we have the "Max Bet" button, which sets the highest rate, i.e. 200 and the "Bet One" button, which we go successively from the lowest rate 1 to higher. There are 9 winning lines in the game, at the bottom of the screen we can choose how many of them will be active. It can be 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9.

Above the buttons we have an information screen, we will find out how many funds we have on your account (Credit), what is the rate on the rope (bet/line), how many winning lines are active (lines bet) and the most important thing, what is the total cost of the betting after multiplying the rate On the line through the number of active lines (Total Bet).

Bonusy Just Jewels

Just Jewels Slot has only one special symbol. It is a scratter marked with the euro symbol. It differs from other symbols that it does not have to appear on the active winning line to bring a win. It can appear anywhere, and you will win anyway. A good idea can be a game with only one winning line, because the chance to draw this symbol is the same and the amount we risk smaller.

Try the Just Jewels for free

Just Jewels is a slightly older position, she lacks modern bonuses and options, but has a retro climate that many people value. It also has what is probably the most important in the game machines, i.e. he often pays winnings. See for yourself on our website, and when you find out, you can play Just Jewels Slot for real money.