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  • Producer: Yggdrasil
  • RTP: 95.6%

Lucky Blackjack online for free

Lucky Blackjack Game was developed by Yggdrasil, which without a shadow of doubt most players associate primarily from graphically spectacular slot machines based on the motifs from Scandinavian mythology. But as you can see in the example of the production we described today, this gambling supplier also has a lot of other games from various categories, which you can also know on gambling pages Internet casinos. Today we are going to discuss the title blackjack from the Yggdrasil portfolio especially for you.

Also note that we have released Lucky Blackjack especially for you for free on our website. You can play this game in the version for virtual tokens. This translates into a lack of need to pay for the next hand, but at the same time you will not win anything here. You can play this game for as long as you want. We do not apply any restrictions on you. You do not have to click in advertising, register on our website, pay us money, provide an e-mail address, subscribe to our newsletter, or do anything else. Just click on the game icon and run Lucky Blackjack Demo, and then have fun at will. The game works fully efficiently on both personal computers and mobile phones, so the type of device does not matter.

Finally, take into account that this is a typical blackjack, so you compete here only with a computer bumper, and not other real players, as it happens, for example in tournament poker such as Texas Hold'em, or Omaha on online gambling sites, online, where also often broadcast for games casino free money to start.

Technical specifications Lucky Blackjack

Yggdrasil decided to base its Lucky Blackjack online game with a 100 % strict blackjack canon, which means that we have no deviations here from a set of traditional rules of this game. A big is the really extensive option to create plants for individual hands. As usual in this type of games, special tokens with the value assigned to them are responsible for the rate. Available options in Lucky Blackjack without a deposit are from 0.5 to 100.

From this it follows that the lowest possible rate per game is 0.5 coins. As for the maximum values, you can put up to 500 coins for one hand (i.e. 5 tokens worth 100 coins). But Lucky Blackjack online will allow you to put money at the same time on three independent cards, which means that you can play three Blackjack parts at one time. This means that you can put up to 1,500 coins once.

Lucky Blackjack - how to play?

The game for Lucky Blackjack Online games have been simplified by Yggdrasil as possible. In fact, while playing you will have a minimum number of colorful, easy to identify buttons. Of course, the central part of the game window is occupied by a Blackjack table. It has a dark green background reminiscent of cloths used in casinos and typical Blackjack prints informing about the standard rules, such as the fact that the win for Blackjack (i.e. ace and figure in the user's hand) is 3: 2, and the dealer stays with its current cards, if He will accumulate 17 or more points and always choose if he has 16 or less points.

In addition, we see three fields described as Place Bet on the table. It is here that you can use the click to the tokens representing the game rate you choose. You can choose the tool denomination using icons located on a wooden control panel stylized. Just click the chosen token - you'll see that it will rise a bit, which is suppressed by a special shadow. When you now click on Place Bet, such a chip will appear on it. You can add a larger number of tokens to the same or other place for Place Bet as desired.

On the Lucky Blackjack Casino control panel you will then see a blue button described as a deal. If you click it, you will start the game. You can also remove all the tokens from the table by clicking on the left side of the control panel button with a red X sign. This is a good option that allows you to correct the wrong plants.

So click on the Deal button. As a result, cards will be distributed according to Blackjack's rules. You will get two cards for yourself, their values will be discovered, the game will additionally present you their point value. In the upper part of the screen there will also be two dealer cards, but only one will be discovered, the other will remain covered until the final decision. The control panel will change its appearance slightly, now the gameplay control buttons will be visible. Depending on what cards you have, they will be:

  • SPLIT,
  • STAND,
  • HIT.

The last two will always be, the first two depending on the situation on the table (we again refer to the Blackjack rules!). If you want to choose another card, click the HIT button. You will then get a new card. You can repeat this process many times. Just keep in mind that if you cross the so -called eye, or twenty -one points in this way, you will immediately lose the whole game. If you decide that your cards in your hand are sufficient, then click on the red Stand button. Lucky Blackjack An internet slot will then discover the dealer card, select new cards if necessary and then resolve the entire hand. While you got more points from the dealer, you'll get a win with a value equal to a two -time game - well, unless you've come to Blackjack, you'll get 250% of the original bet.

It is noteworthy that this game is great for grinding skills in blackjack. As it goes exactly according to the classic canon of this the most popular casino game, without any deviations, this is a great tool for, for example, training in the practice of various strategies of conduct and creating plants. You can play at Wola at Lucky Blackjack a free slot based, for example, on a basic strategy table, count cards and simply experiment without any damage to your budget. And when you are sure of your skills and experience, just go to playing the same game for real money!

Lucky Blackjack - free game

We believe that Yggdrasil by spending Lucky Blackjack confirmed its reputation of an excellent creator gambling for money And for free. It is a product of really excellent quality. It presents itself aesthetically, has simple operation and an understandable interface, provides great playability and attractive (typical for blackjack) wins. In addition, the game itself is fully compatible with all devices available on the market, which will allow you to play it on computers and laptops with Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, as well as on tablets and phones with iOS or Android. And on each of these devices, the gameplay on the gambling portal with bonus offers in without deposit casinos It will be liquid and very attractive!

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