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  • Producer: EGT
  • Drums: 3
  • Winning lines: 5
  • RTP: 93.7%
  • Autoplay option: So

Lucky Hot - free online slot

In the sheer volume of online vending machines, it is getting harder to find one that will allow simple and quick gameplay - without unnecessary bonus games, lengthening every spin. Players are looking for something like this, and this niche - easy to understand and easy to use - is entered in Lucky Hot gambling machine. This is a video slot, based strongly on solutions known from classic, one -armed bandits and fruit slots.

A small amount of drums, victory in the case of drawing 3 of the same symbols on one of the winning lines and - most importantly - a quick game that we can hang at any time, without worrying about the loss of progress or some bonuses. This is what makes the EGT work eagerly played by new and old players.

On our website you will also play this production - for free! To check Lucky Hot without registration, just start the slot and play - when you finish the loans, just refresh the page! And once you learn the rules of this machine, you can decide on a game for real money.

Lucky Hot technical functions and specifications

The whole machine, which we have already mentioned, consists of few drums and lines - their number is the same and is 3. The winning lines look different, because they are 5 - There are no long animations here, marking subsequent winning lines, or additional activities on the drums.

It is surprising that there is no special symbols on this slot - we will not get here free spin spinnings or even symbols replacing us with other (so -called Wild symbols). However, this does not mean that there is no bonuses on the machine - there is a multiplier of the win, if we find 9 the same symbols, and all the amounts we get can be put in the risk of risk.

Lucky Hot Slot also has a jackpot function, so if you hunt for Hot spot vending machines Offering really big winnings, be sure to see this - the amounts you can win in them are huge! And even if you are not interested in jackpot, only won from the slot, then Lucky Hot should like it - its RTP is 95.45%, so you can count on quite frequent returns of the plants.

On the slot, you bet on loans that are symbolized by diamonds. The smallest plant is 5 loans, the largest - up to 100. You can also play on the way, on a mobile device - regardless of whether it is a phone or tablet, Lucky Hot will work on them as long as you have an internet connection.

Lucky Hot - Payment table

So let's move on to what probably interests people the most - i.e. the payment table in this machine. To win any win, you should get 3 symbols on one winning line. Their payments, with the smallest plant, look as follows:

ssymbol CC
7 750
Stars 200
Gold 60
Fruit 40
Bells 5

In addition, the same fruits may appear at all places of the drums - if the whole slot is filled with one type (and 4 plums, lemons, oranges and cherries are available in the game), the game rewards us with a special bonus, which we will talk about in the next section.

Association Lucky Hot

Before you start playing on the machine, it is worth getting acquainted with its regulations and rules. These can be found under the blue button with the symbol "i". In this section you will read about winning symbols, lines and bonuses available on the slot. You can read more complex instructions by pressing the Help button, which is placed above your credit state (balance).

Regardless of whether you play Lucky Hot for free, be sure to get acquainted with the rules. After you do it, you can start the game - you put the drums in motion by choosing the amount of the plant. These are visible on the display all the time. After pressing the rotation rate, the game will start, so think well before pressing the button with a high stake!

Always start playing with smaller rates, so as to gradually build your means to gambling 777 - It is so heavier here because there is no free spins on the machine, so use your loans in a responsible way. The Lucky Hot Demo slot also has the autogra function - but this is not very extensive, you cannot choose the winnings at which the machine is to stop playing, and there is no automatic switching off by a certain number of spin.

Bonuses for playing in Lucky Hot

As we mentioned, the machine doesn't have so many bonuses. The most interesting of them is the already described multiplier for obtaining 9 of the same fruit. When all the drums are covered with the same symbol, our total win will be doubled - and considering that all 5 lines will also be winning, we can expect a really good payment!

In addition, Lucky Hot also offers a gamble function with our winners - this means that we can double them by taking part in a random game. It involves choosing card colors drawn by a computer. If we choose the same as a computer, the amount is multiplied - choosing a bad one, we lose it all. In one such game we can play up to 4 times, or until you lose. We can also retreat at any time.

The last bonus is Jackpot - this one is constantly growing during our playing and we see it at the top of the screen. After each of the games, we have a chance to take part in the game with him. When it starts, we choose one of 4 cards - each of them can have a different symbol to which a different amount of jackpot is assigned.

Try Lucky Hot for free

You already know what Lucky Hot is characterized by, how the gameplay goes and what bonuses you can count on while playing. This is a great machine for beginner players as well as old stunters looking for a simple and exciting game. And when you play for free, try your hand at Lucky Hot for real money in Online casino without a deposit - Emotions will certainly be even greater!


Will I play for free at the Lucky Hot slot?
Yes, playing on this slot is completely free, for example on our website - just run the game and play at will!
Will I win free spins in Lucky Hot?
Unfortunately not, this machine does not offer such bonuses. Instead, there is a generous jackpot or a multiplier of winnings!
Can I play real money on the Lucky Hot machine?
Yes - you will do it in legal, certified casinos. The slot is very popular, so you will find it in most such places.
Do I have to download something to play Lucky Hot?
Don't worry, you don't need to download the application on this machine or install anything - you can enjoy it directly from the browser.
Play Lucky Hotna Energy Casino without registration!