Mad Mechanic

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  • Producer: Apollo Games
  • Drums: 5
  • Winning lines: 5
  • RTP: 93.7
  • Free spins: So
  • Autoplay option: So

Mad Mechanic for free

The MAD mechanic slot slot machine is quite an interesting gambling game that offers players access to an advanced game screen, interesting icons and a slightly different game style compared to other known Hotspot machines. The slot reviewed today is a story game that is based on the motif of mechanics and industrial devices.

The author and originator of the game is the Apollo Games studio, and the game reviewed today is only a showcase of the possibilities of this team of programmers. This, as well as the other productions of Apollo Games are characterized by great bonuses and smooth gameplay. Players spending time in the company of this one -armed bandit can enjoy classic bonuses and high prizes, with a simple and quick game on a compact screen for the game.

If you are curious about the full offer of the game and want to test your skills without taking any risk of losing money, check Mad Mechanic on our website. Join our review, play popular Gambling for free No risk and have no limits.

Basic features of MAD Mechanic

Mad Mechanic Game Automat is characterized by a very simple player interface, which brings together 5 winning lines, settled on the basis of a compact game for the game, created with 5 drums and three rows of symbols. Such a handy screen for the game is able to guarantee players unforgettable emotions in the fight for virtual tokens, among popular card icons and additional thematic symbols.

The game offer includes Wild and Scatter icons, automatic game mode and MaxBet bet. Players can go to the history of recent winnings at any time, they can change their stake and configure the audiovisual settings of the machine. The general range of rates Slota Mad Mechanic Deluxe allows you to play starters from 0.5 to even 200 loans for one turnover. In each round, the player can freely change the value of the plants without fear of additional costs or losses.

Finally, it is worth adding that the mobile version of the Mad Mechanic game for real money in online casinos For phones and tablets without any additional installations of unnecessary applications and plugins, and the unchanging average value of the game's winningness, taking into account the Return to Player indicator, is 95%. With deficiencies, the game has no functions for the game in multiplayer, no jackpot works here and multipliers are not available.

Mad Mechanic withdrawals table

All rewards for players in Mad Mechanic are allocated according to the official table with payments, which is available in the content of the game regulations. The values in the prize table change with the modification of the height of the plants into one turnover. To introduce the value of potential winnings in the game, we decided to provide an example of payments with values for the rate of 200 tokens per bet.

Icons Cover CC kch Dirt
Bonus Symbol 6,000 15,000 60,000 300,000
Manometr Wild 42,000 300,000 1,200,000
Skulls 6,000 18,000 120,000 600,000
Lamps 9,000 45,000 150,000
Woman 3,000 12,000 60,000 300,000
Tools 6,000 30,000 75,000
Symbole or K 3,000 15,000 60,000
Symbole Q i J 3,000 6,000 18,000
Symbols 10 and 9 1,200 3,000 15,000

Mad Mechanic - basic rules

In terms of determining awards in Mad Mechanic Demo, the official regulations of Apollo Games manufacturers, which defines the amount of individual values for prizes at the hits of the combinations mentioned above and regulates all issues regarding the operation of special symbols and functions in the game. For this reason, the obligatory knowledge of the regulations is very important and useful, especially when the player intends to go to the future for real money.

Access to the regulations and all game options is possible by a special button marked with a red flashing diode, available in the lower left corner of the view. The menu icon is a link to the main settings of the machine and the content of its rules. The open menu symbolizes a handy navigation bar with icons corresponding to their functions. Clicking the individual icon will take the player to the tab with detailed information on specific issues.

Returning to the main view of the game, it is worth adding that in addition to drums and these symbols, the view presents hand -held meters meaning, among others, the player's balance, his current win and the rate at BET.

Mad Mechanic bonuses

One of the most important issues in the player's interest is to familiarize yourself with the bonus opinions of the game. Two basic special icons are available in this particular Mad Mechanic Online slot:

  1. WILD - universal element, symbolized as an inventor or designer with a characteristic mustache. This symbol is one of the most valuable icons and replaces all other icons.
  2. Scatter - an icon symbolizing the pressure gauge. Scatter is a distributed symbol, paid regardless of the current condition of the winning line. The symbol of the pressure gauge in specific quantities guarantees players to activate free bonus rounds in an amount of 10 to 30 turns.

In individual rounds, players have the ability to activate additional respiners as part of the bonus mechanical hand function.

Try Mad Mechanic for free

Knowledge of the above functions and game rules will greatly facilitate the acclimatization of players in the company of this title. We sincerely encourage you to test the machine as part of the free game in Mad Mechanic without registration using our demo machines. This type of training as a warm -up before real competition and is a great choice and a sign of a prudent approach to the topic of gambling competition. Check our other reviews, test other slots and find out about the latest casino promotions, including without deposit bonuses for Australian players. Remember that gambling is a risk and a grove carefully! Good luck.\


Is Mad Mechanic available for free?
This and hundreds of other machines from different manufacturers are available to our readers for free as part of the review and preparation for a responsible game.
Are free turns operating in the Mad Mechanic slot?
The game distributes free spins as part of the drawing of the Scatera icon, and additionally offers 1 free Respin with a mechanical Mad Mechanics hand for free.
Does Mad Mechanic offer rounds for real money?
Starting a professional game for real rates requires setting up an account at any internet casino, which has a slot in the offer today.
How to install Mad Mechanic on your device?
This game does not require installation and download. The machine is available to every player both on the phone and computer without additional formalities.
Mad Mechanic
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