Magic Fruits 4

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  • Producer: Wazdan
  • Drums: 4
  • Winning lines: 10
  • RTP: 96.1%
  • Autoplay option: So

Magic Fruits 4 - free game machine

The Wazdan Gaming brand is certainly well known to all lovers of gambling. It is hardly surprising, because this producer has a lot of very successful titles, mainly from the Hot Spot and classic group fruit slots. Today we are going to present you Magic Fruits 4 gambling machine, which is the fourth game in the Magic Fruits series. It is a Hot Spot game with four drums, which appeared on the market in 2017 and quickly gained immense popularity among users. Today you can get to know her closer.

In addition, naturally, as in any other case, you can play Magic Fruits 4 Demo on our website. This game is available to everyone and without any conditions to be met. There are also no restrictions as to the time of playing or the number of spins to be made. You can treat it as a warm -up before playing in online casino For real money, as an opportunity to get to know this game or check whether it will work on your mobile phone or just for great fun!

Magic Fruits 4 Technical Functions and Specifications

If you've ever played games in this series before, you probably already know that Magic Fruits 4 Slot is a slot machine with the features of both fruit slots and games from the Hot Spot category. It has 4 drums, 3 rows with symbols on the screen and 10 active win lines. The RTP coefficient for this title is exactly 96.10% (and therefore it is quite high), and if you take into account the average variability, we can see that from the technical side this one -armed bandit promises to be quite attractive.

In addition, we have a minimum game rate here of 0.20 coins, and the maximum is already 100 coins. We will not find too many additional functions here, there are not here free spins, Scatters, wild and other solutions. In fact, the only addition is Gamble bonus game, also known as Risk or Double.

Wins in Magic Fruits 4

Players interested in playing Magic Fruits 4 for real money probably would like to know what amounts you can win by turning drums. Here is a table of winnings for the lowest rate of 0.20 coins.

ssymbol 3 symbol 4 symbol
Joker 4 40
Watermelon 1,60
Red seven
Orange 0,80

It should be noted here that Magic Fruits 4 online does not provide a combination of four symbols, except for jokers. But it includes combinations from three elements from both the left and from the right, which is a really interesting solution.

How to play Magic Fruits 4?

Just playing Magic Fruits 4 without registration should not be a problem even for completely inexperienced users. The game makes a very favorable impression from the first . It looks simply aesthetically, and at the same time simply, it is very transparent and understandable. The symbols are very large and clear, colorful background with small animations, and the control panel is conceived in a way typical of the Wazdan Gaming, i.e. simply has an exemplary design in terms of transparency and convenient use.

Beginner players can pay special attention to the buttons with the letter "and" in the circle and with a question mark. They are used to open the tutorials built into the game. The first displays only simple information about the winnings for the current bet (you can get the same effect, move the game screen from top to bottom), and the second button offers the ability to familiarize yourself with the full game manual and explaining its most important elements.

Bonuses and promotions at Magic Fruits 4

Magic Fruits 4 has virtually no additional functionality, so fans of extensive bonuses and special options may feel disappointed. But unnecessarily - this is a game in which emphasis was primarily placed on the dynamics of the game and the rapidly changing events on the screen. All add -ons were treated as unnecessarily disturbing smoothness of the game. And you have to admit that this concept really works in practice!

The only addition here is a bonus game. It is available after obtaining a maximum height win (it is not available to jokers). If you want to play it, then click the X2 icon on the control panel, then you will see a covered card on the screen and two buttons in red or black. You must guess the color of the card. If you succeed, then you get twice your original win, and in the event of a mistake you lose the whole amount. Gamble game has several stages, but you can withdraw from it at any time.

Play Magic Fruits 4 Game Author - try a fortune

If you like simple, dynamic and addictive gaming machines, we are convinced that you will like Magic Fruits 4. This game simply draws in incredibly from the first minutes spent making drums. Wins do not fall here very often, but they have a sufficiently attractive height. And you can always play a bonus game if you would like to double this amount.

Let's not forget that Magic Fruits 4 allows you to create winning combinations from left to right and the other way and that the Joker symbol provides huge money after hitting four jokers on one active win line. All this means that Magic Fruits 4 is a game that is worth getting to know!


What to do to be able to play Magic Fruits 4 for free?
If you want to play Magic Fruits 4 for free, you will definitely be pleased that this particular game is made available to you on our website. You can play with it as much as you like and without any restrictions.
Is it possible to win free spins in Magic Fruits 4?
No, this is a simple slot, which is why Wazdan Gaming did not add the functions of free spins to it, focusing primarily on the dynamics of the game and general playability.
Can I win real money by playing Magic Fruits 4?
Of course. As in all games from the Wazdan Gaming portfolio, so here also high wins await Gray. The theoretical single payment during the game can be up to 2,000,000 coins!
Do I have to download and install Magic Fruits 4 Slot to play this game?
No, the whole game works under the control of a web browser, which means that everything happens in it simply automatically. The player doesn't have to worry about anything.
Magic Fruits 4
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