Mega Jack

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  • Producer: Wazdan
  • Drums: 3
  • Winning lines: 27
  • RTP: 96.1%
  • Autoplay option: So

Mega Jack for Darma

Mega jack slot is very Popular gambling game for freewhich many players choose. Its popularity is caused by an unusual simplicity, nice design, as well as a proven manufacturer, which is the Wazdan. Experienced players know the provider of Wazdan well as one of the most innovative game creators who quickly achieved success thanks to his high -quality Grom.

In this article we are talking about Mega Jack, i.e. a game with a classic motif, in which you can find mainly fruit. The symbols are very large, they can be recognized quickly, and the game itself is very pleasant. We invite you to play Mega Jack without registration on our website. We have placed here a demo version of this game so that you can try it for free.

Features of a mega jack game

Mega Jack looks quite typical for a classic slot. It is equipped only with 3 drums and 3 rows of fruit. The mesh is very small, so you can expect that the machine will also have enough winning lines. Nothing could be more wrong, in this simple slot you can enjoy as many as 27 winning lines, so you can count on frequent winnings. It is worth remembering that the variability of the game is average, the winnings should appear quite often.

RTP of the game is 96.25%, so it is quite satisfactory. During the game you can count on several bonuses, because among the symbols there is Wild, and you will often be awarded with a multiplier. For this you can get ready to fight to double your win with the gamble function. The machine was produced in 2012 and it was already thought to join the Auto Play option for the player's convenience. The minimum plant rate is 0.1 of a given currency, if you prefer to erect more, you can set a maximum of 100 currency.

Won in Mega Jack

It is surprising that a mega jack machine for playing in Casinos without a deposit It offers so many symbols. There are rather a few in classic slots, there are a lot of them in this game. Below you will learn exactly what they are and what values they have.

  • Lemons, oranges and plums form one, least valuable group in this slot. After hitting three symbols from this group in the cluster, you can count on 100 coins.
  • Raspberries, strawberries and plums make your account increase by 200 coins, of course if you find 3 of them in the cluster.
  • Ringtones, watermelons and grapes fall out a little better because they guarantee a prize of 400 coins for a combination.
  • Seven and sheriff stars accompany the winners because they provide up to 800 coins per cluster.
  • The bar in three copies will increase your account by as much as 4,000 coins.
  • The red bull is one of the stronger symbols and thanks to it you will get up to 8,000 coins.
  • A red -haired cowboy can guarantee you a jackpot, which has 16,000 coins, all you have to do is draw 3 symbols in combination.

Mega Jack vending machines

Mega Jack Online is a very easy slot to use by players. All buttons are on the screen, they are well marked, so there is no problem with their identification. In the middle there is a slightly larger, round button, with its help you can start the drums. On the right from it you have the option of automatically setting the maximum plant, on the left you have the auto play function.

The plant is set on the left with the help of Plus and minus. On the right you will see information about funds and recent winnings. It is possible that you did not know, but you can also control the speed of drums. If you want to learn a little more about Mega Jack, click "I" and "?" And you will learn everything you need.

Bonuses for playing in Mega Jack

Even Mega Jack Demo is equipped with bonuses, so it's all the more worth mentioning. It is a classic game, so don't expect too much, but remember that such options are available. One of the additions is the presence of the Wild symbol, which is the cowboy. Another addition is the ability to double your win. Once you can win, select Gamble and you will be able to choose one of the options shown. If it is chosen by a computer, you win a doubling of winning, but if not, the whole sum can pass your nose.

Try Mega Jack for free

Mega Jack is an interesting classic game with a cowboy motif, in which you can meet a dangerous bull and cowboy as a symbol of Wild. The graphics are quite good for 2012, you can see the spirit of time in it. This slot is played very quickly, you can count on good gameplay. We have already mentioned that you can play mega Jack for free. This is the most true, the game is presented here in the form of a demo, i.e. free. Once you get to know the slot, you can of course go to Games for real money w Mega Jack.