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  • Drums: 3
  • Winning lines: 27
  • RTP: 96.63%
  • Free spins: So
  • Autoplay option: So

Much Mayana Automat Online

The Swedish company QuickSpin is known on the market gambling games from innovation and excellent quality of your solutions. This is perfectly confirmed by the Mucha's slot game released at the end of 2017.

As the name suggests, Mucha Mayana The game machine is kept in the era of ancient Mayan: the action takes place in a tropical jungle, and the board resembles the appearance of a missing temple. Our task is to find the way and open the stone gates behind which the legendary Mayan treasure hides.

Those who got bored of typical fruit will certainly be pleased by the fact that the creators of Mucha Mayana have prepared a lot of surprises for their fans: expanding drums, changing quantity and type of payment line, and above all the function of the mysterious multiplier "Mucha Mayana".

We invite you to try on our website Mucha Mayana Demo, i.e. the free version of this game, in which the plants are erected with virtual loans. Mayan's fly without registration allows you to get acquainted with the rules and is a great opportunity for exciting entertainment without fear of losing.

People who like real gambling can of course choose the version of Mayan's fly for real money, which is available in many internet casinos without deposit.

Much Mayana - Opis Gry

Mucha Mayana Online is a 3 × 3 video machine, with three drums and as many as 27 lines winning during a normal game. What's more, the number of paying lines increases when the "re-spines", i.e. additional revolutions. At the second re-spine, 108 appears, and at the third as much as 243! Each subsequent turnover in the Re-spin round unlocks some of the additional drums on the right and on the left side of the board. At the third re-spine, the game network turns into 5 × 3. Something like this is not offered by old, good fruit, right?

As for the rates of plants, the minimum amount accepted by Mucha Mayan's Mucha The amount is 0.25. The upper limit of the plant is set to 100. Considering the fact that in the demo version we get as many as 5,000 loans, this allows for a long game. The maximum win you have a chance when playing virtual coins is 60,000.

Real fans of slot games will definitely be interested in RTP, i.e. the percentage level of return for the player offered by Mucha Mayana Game. It is up to 96.63%, which is a great result for this type of game.

There are no special symbols or bonus rounds in the game. There is no Jackpot or Gamble option. Instead, you can win Free spins with an attractive multiplier. The multiplayer mode is not available, but the automatic game mode - yes.

Mucha Mayana Payment Table

Mayana's fly without a deposit has only 8 symbols, half of which resemble colorful gems, and the remaining 4 look like animal masks. Below we give how much each of them pays (for the 0.50 plant).

Number of symbols Jewels (they all pay the same) Frog and owl Tiger Red smiling face
CC 0,08 0,20 0,30 0,50
kch 0,12 0,50 0,60 1,00
Dirt 0,16 1,00 1,50 3,00

Mayana Mucha - basic rules

Despite the additional features, the Mayana fly machine is quite easy to use and intuitive. The orange navigation strap allows you to adjust the value of the plant (Total Bet) with the indicating arrows up or down. To release the drums in motion, click the button with a crazy arrow that is located in the upper right corner. Any win will show in the Win field.

An important button is a small orange square with three horizontal lines hiding information about winning lines, payment table and game rules. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with them before you start playing, especially since Mayana's fly is a little different from typical slot machines.

Bonuses and promotions in Mucha Mayana

Although Mayana Mucha in online casinos It does not have typical special symbols for slot games, such as Wild or Scatter, and does not anticipate the option of bonus game, this does not mean that it is boring. On the contrary: it can become extremely exciting!

Each win opens the round of free re-spines, which broaden the grid of the game with further "tiles", i.e. parts of additional drums and with new payments. What's more, the function of the associated multiplier allows you to increase the final win by up to 20 times!

Below is a brief description of the re-spin function:

  1. With the winning combination in the normal game mode, the other symbols disappear, and new ones appear in their place. The lower part of the additional drums opens.
  2. If the first symbols from the winning combination appeared at the first re-spine, the drums spin again and the central part of the outer columns (drums) appears. Wins from the second Re-Spin pay twice.
  3. If the winning symbol appears again, the outer drums reveal their upper tiles, and our win increases three times.

In addition to the RE-spin round, what the fans of this slot game are waiting for is a special bonus "Much Mayana". This function is randomly launched during the third additional spin and can increase the multiplier from 4 to 20 times. This is the Mayan trend that everyone is waiting for!

Review summary

Mayan's fly is a game where you can't get bored. Attractive graphic design, music, idea and bonuses, this machine by QuickSpin will definitely make players more enjoyable many long, lonely evenings.

Wanting to get acquainted with the rules and mechanics of the game, we especially recommend Mayan's fly for free, which is available with us without having to set up an account and pay a deposit.

It is worth remembering that in Mayan's fly without logging in, you can play both on the computer and from mobile media and both versions are refined perfectly.