Power Stars

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  • Producer: Novomatic
  • Drums: 5
  • Winning lines: 10
  • RTP: 95.54%
  • Autoplay option: So

Power Stars gra online

Studio Novomatic is undoubtedly one of the most important producers when it comes to playing games. The company has several hundred productions, including a lot of hits. Some of them persist on the lists of the most popular game machines for up to several years. Power Stars Online is a slot that proves that if someone has access to one of the productions of this company, it's just worth using it.

The Power Stars automatic premiered in 2008, which can be seen from very simple and uncomplicated mechanics and graphic design. It is worth noting, however, that in this case we are talking about a classic slot online casinos, which tries to refer to the first machines - still from stationary game salons from a few decades ago. Therefore, issues such as protruding visual setting and simple mechanics can be forgiven from the march. The most important here is the gameplay itself, and this shows that a properly designed, dynamic machine, not visual qualities, is enough for fun.

On the machine you can play completely free in the demo version. Each player at any time (without registration) can run Power Stars Demo and play as he likes. The game awards a large pool of money to use and allows you to play without a limit. When the funds are over, just start it again and you can start again. On the same principle, no winnings can be paid.

Power Stars Technical Functions and Specifications

The machine premiered in 2008 and refers to absolute classics. Therefore, you should not expect extremely extensive fun opportunities. The game presents the absolute basics of the game, allowing for a comfortable and casual gameplay. By starting the Power Stars Slot, you can almost go to the game almost immediately, because in fact there is little to check and set.

The machine has five drums, on which three pictures are drawn. There are 10 all winning lines and, interestingly, the player can set how many of them will be active during the draw. Of course, this will have a proportional impact on the plant, which is set as an amount on a single line. The popular function of automatic gameplay was also made, which is often used for classic slots. In this case, do not focus on special settings. After clicking "Autoplay", a function is started that lasts until the time you press again. A plant set up before starting the function is taken with each turn.

Despite the fact that the game focuses on simplicity, the creators decided to implement the extensive Wild function. What's more, when hitting any winning, the player receives the opportunity to double the win with an additional Gamble Plant. The game has a 50% chance of success. In the event of a hit, the win is doubled, and the incorrect selection of the color of the cards means canceling it.

Power Stars gambling machine Works according to today's standards. That's why you can play straight from the browser on any device. All you need is an internet connection and you will not notice much difference between playing from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Power Stars - Payment table

To get acquainted with the winners, it is best to start the Power Stars pay table no deposit. There are 9 different icons on the game drums, 8 of which pay standard wins for combinations consisting of three to five icons on one of the active lines. Potential hits at the plant of 1 on the line give the following wins.

ssymbol CC kch Dirt
Cherries 20 40 200
lemon 20 40 200
Oranges 20 60 300
Plum 20 60 300
Grape 40 100 400
Watermelon 40 100 400
Bell 100 400 1000
Seven 200 1000 2000

How to play Power Stars?

The gaming machine has a very simple, although you have to admit a nice graphic design. Several years have passed since the premiere. However, this is not important here. In this case, only a satisfying gameplay counts, and in this studio Novomatic works like no other. The game was perfectly designed, allowing you to focus only on play, leaving issues such as mechanics and visual setting in the background.

The staff takes place using several buttons at the bottom of the screen. The user may (from left to right) set the automatic game, turn on the table, set the number of lines and the amount of the plant.

In order to optimize the game, the player should always first learn everything about a given production and test it in practice. An ideal example will be learning the Paytable payout table and checking how often selected hits get.

Bonuses and promotions in Power Stars

The game was designed as the simplest possible classic gaming machine. The creators decided to add only basic special functions to their production, which will slightly affect the dynamics of the game. We recommend checking the game in the Power Stars without registration to know all its capabilities and frequency of bonuses.

The main special function is Wild, which appears only on 2, 3 and 4 drums. Every time he appears, he stops in its place and triggers Respin of the rest of the rollers, giving an additional chance to draw more icons. In addition, the Gamble option is unlocked with each hit, which even allows you to double the win. The risk of losing is 50%.

Review summary

Power Stars is a typical classic from Novomatic. If someone has ever dealt with the productions of this company, nothing will be able to surprise him. We highly recommend to everyone else to familiarize yourself with this gaming machine, because it is a kind of return to the past, which proves that in random games it is primarily fun, and a very simple machine, offering a satisfactory gameplay is enough.


Can the Power Stars gaming machine be started for free?
The slot is available in the free version for all players. This can be done from the level of this page, at the manufacturer and at the Casino library, where the game was made available.
Does Power Stars have an implemented round of free spins?
The creators did not decide on a positive bonus with free spins for their production.
Does Power Stars allow you to win real money?
The slot was produced only with such a thought. Therefore, Power Stars for real money is generally available and adapted to all standards.
Do I have to play any software to play Power Stars?
You don't have to prepare at all to play on this machine. Everything starts from the browser, so a device with access to the network is enough and everything will turn on in an automatic way.