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  • Producer: Push Gaming
  • Drums: 5
  • Winning lines: 20
  • RTP: 96.7%
  • Free spins: So
  • Autoplay option: So

Razor Shark automat online

Gambling fans like to flow into deep water and push gaming comes out of this assumption, serving Razor Shark, a machine that introduces us to the depths. However, which turns out in this case, a jump into deep water does not have to lead to the script from the movie "Jaws". The game machine introduces us to the story of a diver who got lost deep and only props! What reward do seaweed hide? What will we get when we hit the predatory gentlemen of the underwater world? All these questions will be dispelled in this review of Razor Shark for free!

If you like to go to the depths and test new opportunities for gambling, this machine is available to you on our website without obligations! How it's possible? Well, the game manufacturer provides the demo version for the game exercise. If you feel like trying a slot, you have Razor Shark on our website without registration and without providing any data and fees. For our part, we dived inside the slot and described all its functions. So if you are interested, we invite you to continue reading.

Razor Shark technical functions and specifications

Razor Shark Push Gaming machine machine without a deposit bonus. His underwater theme, where we play in the company of sea animals, put us in a nice mood. However, to add a pinch of adrenaline, Razor Shark joins the Wild and Scatter symbols to the game, and among them we have voracious sharks and props of the diver, which apparently lost in the depths! In the machine, even the least expected symbols bring additional bonus functions. For example, we have various prizes hidden behind sea plants.

To place Razor Shark in a more tangible space, you should know that the game takes place on a board with five drums, and the number of permanent winning lines is 20. RTP for this slot is 96.7%, which means that statistically Razor Shark online is placed Quite decently in terms of phrases for the player. The minimum rate of the plant, which we will play is 0.1, and the maximum 100. Therefore, we are dealing here with considerable freedom when it comes to the selection of amounts.

As befits a decent production, we will play in Razor Shark using automatic playback, where we will set exactly the number and the Auto-Przykrękanie limit. If you are the owner of a telephone or tablet, then the resolution will adapt to your screen thanks to the latest HTML5 technology. Let's check now what the payout table in Razor Shark looks like, followed by its menu and special functions.

Wins in Razor Shark

As for the values of individual symbols, in Razor Shark they will depend on the rate of the plant. The higher it, the greater the win in the event of a lucky combination. In Razor Shark, symbols bringing a happy win are from 3 to 5, from left to right on a given winning line. In the table we give the values of symbols from the most valuable at the plant with a rate 1. For larger / smaller plants, the value of the symbol changes proportionally.

ssymbol CC kch Dirt
Biały Elast (Wild) 2.5 12.5 50
Red shark 1.5 7.5 25
Hammer fish 1 5 20
Green eel 0.5 2.5 7.5
Blue shark 0.4 2.0 5.0
Diver props (camera, fins, mask, cylinder) 0.1 0.5 2.5

The table does not exhaust the bonus functions of symbols! We will describe them in more detail in the bonus section below. However, before this happens, we introduce the next section about the rules of the game. You should read it to shake with your head!

Association Razor Shark

We have a shack of Shark with bonus for registration It is available in Australian and the menu is extremely easy to master:

  • Squares. It is under this button that lies the full game menu: payment table, function description, as well as graphically presented 20 winning lines.
  • Symbol "?" It contains detailed information about the game, including details regarding the rules and additional information.
  • The icon with coins is a place where the bet is selected.
  • Setting auto -arting, loss limit or individual winnings.
  • Gear, containing sound effects settings and turbo mode.

Once you get to know the above in the game, choosing the icon of the house, you return to the main page, where drums are waiting for you. In the "Total value of the plant" field you can check your rate, as well as the balance in the lower left side. By default, two rotating arrows start the round of turns.

Bonuses are broken

In this slot, you have to focus a bit, because the bonus functions are constructed in a slightly extensive way. Fortunately, the instruction in Australian makes the Razor Shark Slot really to be overwhelmed and the bonuses are never too much! We briefly present an explanation of bonus functions.

  1. Distrust symbol: Underwater mines. Appearing in any places X3, he launches rounds free spins, and also moves mysterious piles one position up.
  2. Wild: replaces all other symbols, except dispersion.
  3. Mysterious piles. It's just four symbols anywhere on the drum. They activate the function of postponing and revealing regular symbols or a special golden shark.
  4. Blade unveiling function. When a mysterious pile reveals a golden shark, each position from the mysterious stack turns and reveals the multiplier or scatter.

For our part, we only introduced the most important information about bonuses. Play Shark Demo in Razor, and the slot in practice will show you the relationships between bonuses. We are sure that thanks to bonuses the game becomes extremely interesting, and the description does not reflect the real experiences of real machine playing.

Razor Shark Slot - our opinion

Slots in the type of single -armed bandits are still the most popular gambling machines on the virtual casino market. Razor Shark, which belongs to this group, in a very interesting way combined the features of a classic slot machine with an animation feature of games using interesting bonuses. If you like, when something happens on the screen and you are looking forward to new options with prizes, you will like this game.

From our experience, we always recommend playing the demo mode before playing at the online casino. Thanks to this, using the Razor Shark version Games for real money, the user may feel more confident. You don't want to follow in the footsteps of the diver, after which only equipment in the sea depths is left? So prepare yourself to practice the game and play responsibly, and then the jump into deep water will be fun for you, not a neck breaking.