Red Hot Sevens Deluxe

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  • Producer: Promatic Games
  • Drums: 5
  • Winning lines: 20
  • RTP: 96.37%
  • Autoplay option: So

Red Hot Sevens Deluxe slot online

The Slot released in the Australian company PROMATIC Group Red Hot Sevens Deluxe is the perfect combination of a classic game with modern solutions. This machine is extremely easy to use, and with its design and gameplay rules it resembles physical slots available in many casino portals globally. So it will be an excellent machine for beginner players who do not want to start with complex and complicated games.

Of course, longtime players will also find something for themselves at this slot. Red Hot Sevens Deluxe Online will remind them of their former machines on which they played in pubs or casinos. Before playing for money, however, it is worth trying your hand at gambling for free, regardless of whether you are a new or experienced player. You will do it on our website - without creating an account and paying a deposit!

Basic features Red Hot Sevens Deluxe

Red Hot Sevens Deluxe, as we have already written, it resembles classic machines. This video slot is a sheep - this means that on his drums you will draw symbols of various fruits. As for the drums - there are 5 in the game, and three lines run through the whole slot. All this gives a total of 20 winning lines, which will guarantee quite regular wins.

These will also guarantee the RTP indicator, which is 96.37% on this machine - this means a pretty good return on the cash invested in the cash machine if you play for real money. Interestingly, there are no special symbols on the machine - you won't be able to get here free revsor you will not see the symbols of Wild. Red Hot Sevens Deluxe for free, as well as in a paid version, also does not contain jackpot system or multipliers - this means that all winnings can be won normally, simply playing.

And you can play for plants - its amount can be adapted to your needs and preferences, and there are quite a lot of options, because the lowest plant costs only 0.20 loans. On the other hand, we will pay 200 loans for the most expensive plant (guaranteeing us the highest wins). The game can also be played on a mobile device, because the slot is adapted to run on the phone or tablet.

Payment table Red Hot Sevens Deluxe

As we have already mentioned, we will hunt for various combinations of tasty fruit at this slot ... Although not only, because the machine on the drums also has stars and seven - these symbols are worth the most. And this is how the whole table of payments looks, assuming that we are playing for a plant worth 1 loan:

ssymbol CC kch Dirt
7 5 50 250
Star 5 20 50
Grape, watermelon 2,50 10 25
Cherries, lemon, orange, plum 1,25 2,50 9

In addition, we can draw a symbol 7 on all 15 machines of the machine 7. If this happens, we will be awarded with a 5,000 loan prize, if we set up a bet for 1 loan.

How to play Red Hot Sevens Deluxe?

The gameplay itself is very simple and does not require experience. A good practice before playing on any machine is to familiarize yourself with its user manual and rules. This is especially important if you plan to play in Red Hot Sevens Deluxe for real money. The instructions can be found in the drop -down menu on the left side of the display - press on the symbol of the rack, and then on the symbol "i". By using the instructions you will learn the exact payout table, check the winning lines and much more.

Once you read this short instruction, you can go to fun. Choose the amount of the plant - it is good to start with low factories to start, which will allow you to gradually build funds to online casino games. In addition, this will allow you to easily familiarize yourself with the machine. However, if you prefer to go va banque, press the Max Bet button - it will set the highest possible rate for the game. After selecting the amount you want to play, press the button in the middle of the screen - it will start the drums.

After a few games, you can decide to start autographs - this is a mode that automatically starts the next turn after the previous one, you don't have to press anything! He lacks complex options, but you can choose a specific number of games that fruit machine is to play.

The gameplay itself is pleasant, although the audiovisual side of the machine is not revolutionary. Here they focused on readability and transparency, which is a - on some vending machines it is hard to catch sometimes what happens. Symbols are easy to distinguish from each other, even when we play on a smaller screen.

Bonuses and promotions at Red Hot Sevens Deluxe

We have already written about the fact that on the machine there is no special symbols or bonus games - it may be a defect for many, although in our opinion it perfectly fits into the entire climate of the slot - it is easy to use and uncomplicated, so there is no complex add -ons on it, which Explanation takes several pages in the user manual. In addition to the possibility of getting 15 symbols with seven and winning a huge amount, the machine also has a gamble mode, which can be started after each win - this fun involves betting on our win the amount and the possibility of doubling it.

Our task will be to choose a card with a joker. The chances are considerable, because for 4 cards, up to 2 have this symbol. The correct answer rewards us with doubling our amount, but if we choose badly, we lose all of it. The process can be repeated several times, so even from a small win you can achieve a substantial amount - provided that we give us happiness and intuition!

Red Hot Sevens Deluxe Slot - our opinion

So it's time to sum up - is playing Red Hot Sevens Deluxe demo fun, or maybe a waste of time? In our opinion, the correct answer is the first - the slot draws very quickly and guarantees a lot of emotions. Easy to use Automatically hot spot It's always a great stepping stone from complex, sometimes heavy to understand games. Therefore, if you are looking for something simpler, guaranteeing a good win and easy to understand gameplay, be sure to try this machine on the site Online casinos without deposit!


Is playing Red Hot Sevens Deluxe possible for free?
Yes! The machine is available for free, and what's more, you will play on our website in Red Hot Sevens Deluxe without registration.
Can you win free spins in Red Hot Sevens Deluxe?
Unfortunately not, there is no such possibility on this machine. The slot offers a risk game after each win, as well as a large win when the maximum number of symbol 7.
Can you win real money by playing Red Hot Sevens Deluxe?
Yes, playing on this slot is possible for real money. You will do it in virtually every legal casino online - the slot is popular, so you should not have a problem finding it.
Do you have to download something to play in Red Hot Sevens Deluxe?
Don't worry, the game is available directly from the browser - you will not have to download or install additional software.
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