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European Roulette online for free

Roulette is a classic table game, which can not be missing in any online casino. Its first modern version was created in the 17th century. It was distributed more widely about 200 years later, when she came to American casinos as one of the most popular random games of all time. Today we do not have to play in real casinos, because it also often appears in the online version. There are several varieties of roulette: American, French or European. Today we would like to talk about European Roulette for free from Evoplay.

Evoplay is a fairly young software producer for casinos, very often awarded for his constantly developed innovative games for games. The creator of Evoplay deals in most vending machines, but in the casinos you can also find several table games of his authorship. One of them is the European Roulette Internet, in which the game takes place against the computer. We invite you to a review.

European Roulette game functions

The European Roulette game has the form of a plant, not a duel with opponents or a crumb. The player here has the ability to conclude plants with colorful tokens worth 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 5 and 10 units. The minimum plant is 0.1 coins, while the highest is 550 (including 500 for a single field). European Roulette Roulette It is a game rate game for a player of 97.30% and a maximum potential win of exactly 3.600 coins. This version of roulette was inspired by the usual variant of European roulette and there are no additional special functions.

European Roulette - the course of the game

Everyone who has ever played roulette casino game. In its central part there is a circle divided into 37 sections, with red and black fields. A characteristic feature of the European Roulette variety is the presence of an additional sector worth 0. The aforementioned wheel is set in motion, together with a special white ball. Below the roulette wheels are two tables reflecting specific plants. By using them, specific plants can be erected by placing and a suitable place with the preferred value. The player must try to predict which field will stop the ball. Here are available types of plants and their solvency:

Type of plant Description Solvency
Straight Plant for a single number, including zero 35:1
Split Plant for 2 numbers next to each other in a vertical or horizontal line 17:1
Corner Plant for 4 numbers forming a square next to each other 11:1
Six Line A plant for 6 numbers placed next to each other in the line 8:1
Column Factory for 3 numbers in one column 5:1
Dozen Plant on 12 numbers in a horizontal line 2:1
Red/Black A plant for all numbers of the same color 2:1
Even/Odd Plant for all even or odd numbers 1:1
High/Low Plant for the first (1-18) or the other half of the numbers (19-36) 1:1

Before each turn, the player must determine the height of his plant. The tokens should be placed on the bottom table in the appropriate section. The European Roulette game will pay us the prize every time the ball moving around the wheel stops at one of the sections indicated by the player at the stage of folding the plants.

For example, if the player puts the bet in a given color while placing the plants and manages to correctly predict the result, the European Roulette online game will pay him twice the rate. The fewer sections are in a given system, the higher the solvency. Therefore, the most profitable are the plants for a single number. In practice, however, hitting them is unfortunately not so easy.

In addition, special plants such as Tiers (6 Split plants), Orphelins (1 plant for a specific number and 4 plants like Split) and Voisins (1 plant for 3 numbers, 5 Split plants and 2 plants Corner can be erected in the European Roulette online. ). In the lower right corner of the screen there are functions of the game. The largest of them activates a single rotation of the wheel, which can be made after determining your plant. Next to it, however, there are buttons responsible for withdrawing, removing and repeating the plant.

All necessary game settings were arranged in the lower menu. There you can also find a menu with information about the game with available types of plants and their payments. Over the years of the existence of roulette, many strategies based on mathematical probability and stochastic processes have been created. Some of them are more effective, others less. It turns out that with a long game, some tactics can actually bring you to winning. Some of them can also be used in the European Roulette no deposit.

The most famous strategy says to increase the plant with every defeat. Thanks to this, at least in theory, after some time the lost amount should pay off. In practice, however, this is quite an aggressive play.

When developing your own tactics, you should read the offered table. This is constructed in such a way that the player can easily distinguish between higher and lower solvency. The higher the prize, the less a chance to get it. The key is therefore to predict how often a specific value should be submitted. It is worth starting with the lower, safer plants, i.e. those in which the likelihood of hitting one of the numbers oscillates around 47-48% (for example, plants in color), and only later gradually start to specify the results.

European Roulette from Evoplay - is it worth playing?

The European Roulette Gambling is a game created in the image of a classic European roulette. This is the most popular version of the game, characterized by quite simple rules, great flexibility when it comes to strategies and many bets that can be selected. Her rules should already be known to you. However, the rules of the game can be practiced at any time, in all European Roulette Casino European. You will find the European Roulette Demo game in them. Good luck.


Is it possible to play in the European Roulette for free?
Yes. Everywhere where only European roulette is available from Evoplay, you can also play for free and without account registration.
Does every casino offer the opportunity to play in the European Roulette online game?
Apart from individual exceptions, you will play in the European Roulette in almost all online casinos.
How can you win real money at European Roulette online?
The basis is deposit. With funds on your account, you can start playing for real money and try to increase it with a real win.
How to run European Roulette on your phone?
At European Roulette, you can play through any mobile device, without having to download the casino application.