Three Card Poker (1×2 Gaming)

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  • Producer: 1X2gaming
  • RTP: 97.9%

Three Card Poker online za darmo

Three card poker, as the name suggests, is a game in a video poker in which only 3 cards are played. Not like a traditional poker where the player has 5 cards. The developer that created this machine, i.e. 1 × 2 gaming, gave players a lot of decision -making in this game. The player yourself decisions about the rate, not in advance of the limits imposed, can play for any amount if the account status allows. At first glance, the game looks a bit outdated and does not encourage the game. All information on the board looks a bit chaotic and can cause loss. It takes a moment to find yourself in this mess and understand what the information applies to.

Fortunately, the 1 × 2 gaming developer gives you the opportunity to test the Three Card Poker without a deposit completely free without having to risk your own capital. This is very useful and allows you to understand all the mechanics of the game calmly without worrying about your bankroll. Importantly, you can play on all mobile devices, the machine is built in HTML5 technology, which makes it very easily adapted on every device.

Technical specifications of three card poker

Three Card Poker Online From the 1 × 2 developer, gaming gives us great independence when it comes to the gameplay and, above all, the rates we can use. In the case of choosing the rate, it can be said that the situation is identical to the standard poker, i.e. our only limitation is the budget. There are no maximum or minimal limits here. The game board is divided into several important elements, starting with money and rates, let's check what we can bet during the hand and what buttons are put at our disposal:

  • Play - I show the amount we play for.
  • Ante - the amount was lodged to the pool of the plant.
  • Pair Plus - the amount we enter into the bonus function.
  • 6-Card Bonus-another special function.
  • Deal - click means handing out 3 cards.
  • Play - a check button (identical as in a standard poker).
  • Fold - hand fit.

Three card poker free has no automatic game, it has several bonus functions in its mechanics that boil down only to raising the rate in the game.

Three card poker - how to play?

Three card poker internet begins with choosing a rate in three key fields in the game: ante, pair and 6-card bonus. The Ante plant is the only required plant - interestingly if we do not add any amount, the system in no way informs us that it is a necessary plant. The gameplay will continue to last even if it turns out that our hand was stronger we will not win anything.

Pair Plus and 6-Card Bonus are optional plants, we can use them to conquer the stake in the game. When the bets are brought in, both the player and the dealer receive three cards. Hands are ranked from the highest to the lowest, just like in a standard poker:

  • Straight,
  • Colored,
  • Troika,
  • Straight,
  • Colored,
  • For,
  • High card.

The payment hierarchy is divided into 3 sections, each of them has completely different multipliers. Below are each of the sections and prizes that can be won in the game.

6 card bonus (bonus option) This is a bonus function, the player has the option of using this option by placing the appropriate bet. Awards in this mode are paid on the basis of a five -card poker system. Payment table below:

  • Royal Flush – 1000 do 1
  • Straight Flush – 200 do 1
  • Four of a Kind – 50 do 1
  • Full House – 25 do 1
  • Flush – 20 do 1
  • Straight – 10 do 1
  • Three of a Kind – 5 do 1.
Pair Plus (bonus option) As the name suggests, the win occurs when the player has a few or better arrangement in his hand. Interestingly, even if there is a loser with a crumb but the hand will meet the requirements of this mode Pair Plus will be settled as a win. The requirement that this happens is the game until the end of the final hand before the final will mean the disappearance of this plant.

  • Straight Flush – 40 do 1
  • Three of a Kind – 30 do 1
  • Straight – 5 do 1
  • Flush – 4 do 1
  • Pair – 1 do 1.
Ante bonus Basic and necessary plant before each hand. Below is a basic payment table:

  • Straight Flush – 5 do 1
  • Three of a Kind – 4 do 1
  • Straight – 1 do 1.

The basic strategy that we can use in the Three Card Poker online casino game There is a fight to receive your strongest systems. Due to the fact that we play only 3 cards, we cannot speculate on what a computer may have. The only functions we have control are is the strength of our own hand and proper management of our own budget. Even if the game will not stand on our side, the right bankroll management will survive and who may know in the long run we will leave this game with a shield.

Three Card Poker - play without logging in

Starting a three card poker game no deposit Many players can be shocked due to visual or sound setting. The game goes back in time for at least a dozen years. The board may seem a bit chaotic at the beginning, but after playing a few hands, we can easily find ourselves in all the information contained therein. What can enjoy is a few quite interesting special functions, such as 6 Card Bonus, thanks to which we can get a jackpot giving us a payment of 1000 to 1 for arranging a royal poker on our hands.

In addition, there is also a Pair Plus function that provides slightly smaller rewards but they will also be able to please more than one player. Considering this and RTP at 97.9%, which is a factor higher than over 90% of games in Internet casinos, it's really hard to pass by this game indifferently having some shortcomings in the back of your head that we will find here. Regardless of the negatives, it is really worth checking this production and playing at least a few hands, maybe they will be the hands in which the royal poker will appear on our hand.


Is it possible to play in the Three Card Poker for free?
Yes! The game has the ability to use the Three Card Poker Demo version, thanks to which we will test all functions completely free.
Does the Three Card Poker online machine have bonus options in its mechanics?
Yes! Three Card Poker Casino has two bonus functions.
Is it possible to win real money by playing in the Three Card Poker?
Yes! Register at the selected casino that has in its offer video three card poker online games and get the opportunity to win real money.
Is it required to download three card poker to play?
Not! The game works in instant mode directly on any browser.
Three Card Poker (1x2 Gaming)
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