Three Wishes

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  • Producer: BetSoft
  • Drums: 5
  • Winning lines: 30
  • RTP: 95.61%
  • Free spins: So

Three Wishes online

Three Wishes gambling machine This is the already forgotten production of BetSoft - one of the most respected producers in Igaming. BetSoft released this machine in 2010, which is clearly seen from the first moments. The slot stands out of today's visual standards, but let no one be fooled. The creators have always paid great attention to the quality of their slots and in addition to visual restrictions, this production proves that it is worth getting acquainted with.

This is a standard machine that attracts the attention of a high RTP at 95.61%. The machine was developed in accordance with the decade ago fashion and looks like most other productions from that time. The biggest innovation that was decided is the possibility of hitting the results not only from left to right, but also from right to left. Thanks to this, the slot has gained significantly on dynamics, and the player can enjoy the relatively common winnings.

The gaming machine has been made available in the demonstration version no deposit. This is the best way to familiarize yourself with its possibilities and answer questions about further fun for real money in Internet casino. Therefore, it is particularly important to turn on the three Wishes demo first and check everything using free cash.

Three Wishes – opis gry

The gameplay on this machine looks standard and practically nothing stands out here above average. Three Wise Slot has five drums, each of which displays three icons. Wins are on 30 paying lines, but it is the player who decides how many of them are currently active. You can draw wins with one line. The most important thing in this matter is that every additional potential combination properly increases the likelihood of winning. That is why it is recommended to play with 30 active lines, because the game is then the most satisfying, and the plant can always be set at a safe level. Speaking of the plant, it should be noted that it has three levels: Bet, Bet Level and Number of Lines. This solution gives amazing opportunities to manipulate its value. The minimum and maximum amount that can be set is 0.01 and 300.

When playing on the drums, Scratter, Wild, bonus symbol appears, Free spins And from time to time you can run a special round with an additional game. The machine works in accordance with generally accepted standards, so you can always play just as conveniently on mobile devices as on the computer. What's more, no additional software is required to play. Just a browser and a permanent internet connection.

Payment table Three Wishes

As befits a standard slot, Three Wise Online pays winning in a well -known way - for combinations from 3 to 5 icons on one line. The only difference for most similar games is a way of recognizing winnings. On this machine, winnings are the same from left to right and from right to left. At the plant of 1 on the line, potential prizes reach the following values.

ssymbol CC kch Dirt
Rug 60 125 250
Basket 5 10 20
Fruit 10 20 40
Rubin 15 30 60
Crystal ball 20 40 80
Swords 25 50 100
Gold 30 60 120
Camel 40 80 160
Woman 50 100 200

Three Wishes - how to play?

The game at the first knowledge can reject his archaic construction, from which BetSoft himself left some time ago. Of course, you can see updates here, bringing the machine to today's standards, but the game core remained the same as in 2010. That is why every player should be patient and give this production a chance - even in the three version of the wree wishes without registration.

After all, in terms of gameplay itself, this machine does not differ at all from today's standards. If someone has any experience with slots, they will learn everything about control in a few moments. The creators focused on absolute minimalism, practically completely eliminating the interface. Only two buttons and a belt with information about the balance, plant and win were left.

The game is controlled by using one "spin" button, located on the right side of the screen. All the rest was hidden under the icon of three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen. This is where the payout table and the possibility of adjusting the amount of the plant.

Bonusy Three Wishes

While playing, you can come across several special functions that make fun even more interesting and allows you to hit higher wins.

  • WILD - The symbol of the carpet appears on the first drum and turns with all other standard icons. When it is displayed on the screen, the function of a magic carpet that flies and turns symbols for a bonus win.
  • Scatter - The treasure chest ensures a hit regardless of the payment line. At least three icons on the screen run a bonus round with 5 free spins. For four and five symbols of the chest, 10 and 20 free revs are obtained.
  • Monkey - a symbol that is surrounded by a click button on each side. After ordering the monkey in a specific direction, it jumps to the neighboring symbol and knocks it, providing immediate win.
  • Bonus round - The original round, which consists in the release of the genie, which you can ask for one of six things. For the bonus to turn on, the player must hit at least three lamp icons.

There are quite a lot of add -ons and have been designed in such a way that something interesting happened on the screen.

Three Wise Slot - our opinion

Three Wise is a very simple game that at first glance tells the player that he is on his neck many years. After all, the creators have implemented quite a lot of interesting solutions for the game. Winning counted on both sides, original bonus functions and pleasant style, make you really fun with this machine. We encourage you to try the test version to get to know it from each side and properly prepare for fun in Three Wise for real money, where the optimal, adapted party will play.


Can I play the Three Wise Demo first?
Nothing prevents you from playing with Three Wise for free. The creators make sure that their productions are generally available to all players and this is also the case with this slot.
Does the Three Wise Slot contain a free revolution bonus?
Just hit at least three symbols with the treasure gear and the machine will turn on a bonus with free spin.
Does the Three Wishes game machine allow you to play for real money?
Yes of course. Just go to the internet casino, register your account and run this item. The player should also have a positive account balance (standard or bonus).
Will I have to download some software if I want to play Three Wishes?
There is no need to download anything. The machine will take care of everything, and the player must only have a device that is connected to the network.