Ultra Hot Deluxe

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  • Producer: Novomatic
  • Drums: 3
  • Winning lines: 5
  • RTP: 95.17%
  • Autoplay option: So

Ultra Hot Deluxe - free online slot

In today's article we would like to introduce you to you gambling, which will definitely appeal to many lovers of classics and retro climate. We are talking about the game Ultra Hot Deluxe of the Austrian manufacturer Novomatic, who is known on the market as a reliable supplier of exciting games.

Ultra Hot Deluxe is a game kept in a traditional convention, still known to us from stationary single -armed bandit machines. The splendor times of these bright vending machines have already gone to the past, which does not prevent us from enjoying them, this time in the virtual version.

Through our website you can play Ultra Hot Deluxe for free and without having to register. It will be a great option for those who for a while would like to feel the atmosphere of former game showrooms, but do not want to set up an account in Online casino without a deposit.

The demonstration version will also serve all those who have already played Ultra Hot Deluxe for real money, but would like to test various strategies to increase their chances of winning. In our review we will present you the main features of this charming machine, game rules and available bonuses.

Ultra Hot Deluxe technical functions and specifications

The Ultra Hot Deluxe Slot is equipped with three drums and five payment lines (three horizontal and two diagonally). Players can bet on 2 to 200 currency units on the line, which means that the total value of the plant is five times the value of the plant per line. A very simple autoplay function is also available - the drums spin automatically until we press the STOP button.

As the machine faithfully reflects the mechanics of old Hot Spot stationary vending machines, it is vain to look for the popular symbols of Wild and Scatter in newer models. However, there is nothing to cry. In return, the game offers us a record high RTP coefficient - as much as 97%, as well as a very attractive bonus function of Gamble Or Take.

Ultra Hot Deluxe graphics have been kept in a classic tone. The symbols in the game are various fruits, stars, bar, x and seven. If we hit the payment line, the flame animation will appear on the symbols. All this consists of a quite successful image in the retro style.

It is no different the issue of the soundtrack. The creators have only chosen a few sound effects, which means that the machine does not overwhelm with excess noise. We consider the sound imitating the mechanical sound of rotating drums to be particularly successful. Good job, novomatic.

Ultra Hot Deluxe withdrawal table

In the table below you can find all the symbols in the game along with their values. The won given is a multiple of our plant on the line. In addition, if the game screen is completely filled with one of the fruits, our win will be multiplied by two times. In the tab with a table of payments inside the game there will always be displayed values relating to the line we bet on the line.

ssymbol Win
Seven x750
Stars Small 200
BAR x60
Oranges X40
Cherries X40
Plums X40
Lemons X40
X Dirt

Ultra Hot Deluxe Autosts

The rules of the game are extremely simple. At the beginning we determine the rate of the plant. For this purpose, we use a and a minus at the Bet/Line window at the bottom of the game screen. The windows provide all necessary information, from the left: balance, number of lines, the value of the plant per line, the value of the intention and the value of 1 tool in the game.

After setting the rate, we can screw the drums. We do it using the Start button. If we want to turn on the automatic mode, all you have to do is click on the Autoplay button. The game in automatic mode will last until we press on the STOP button.

The win occurs when one of the five payment lines is filled with the same symbol. Of course, it can happen that we find more than one line. In this case, our winnings from individual lines add up. After drawing a win, we have a chance to multiply it with the help of the Gamble Or Take bonus function, but more on that in a moment.

The payment table is available under the blue button with the inscription Paytable. Here we will find information about the values of all symbols and multiplier. After entering the table, we can also click the More Info button to read the general rules of the game. We recommend reading all the instructions before starting the game to find out in the gameplay.

Bonusy Ultra Hot Deluxe

We have already mentioned the bonus round of Gamble or Take. What is it exactly? When any win is in the game, we can always try to multiply it. If we click on the Gamble button, we will start the bonus round in which we must guess the color of the covered card. If we guess correctly, our win will double, but if we fail to guess, we will lose everything.

This is one of our favorite functionalities in online vending machines, because it gives us a causative factor and the probability of winning 50/50. What's more, we can guess how long we want until we are wrong, so if we are lucky, we will get to a quite substantial sum. At any time, we can stop the bonus round by clicking on the Collect button and receiving what we have been able to win so far.

Try Ultra Hot Deluxe for free

To sum up, the Ultra Hot Deluxe game machine is an interesting and well -made proposition for those who miss the old atmosphere of Hot Spot vending machines, as well as for people who are just starting their adventure with gambling and do not want to throw themselves into deep water. Due to the fact that the game has only 3 drums and 5 payment lines, we will understand the rules of its operation. The player's interface is intuitive, and all necessary information and rules are in sight.

The Ultra Hot Deluxe online machine is very easy to understand, but this is not its only advantage. Manufacturers give us a machine with one of the highest RTP coefficients on the market, and in addition equipped with highly profitable functionality of Gamble or Take. The graphics and soundtrack of the game immediately bring to mind the legendary game showrooms.

We suggest trying the Ultra Hot Deluxe demo version to try the version of the version. Playing it is completely free, and also does not require creating an account or providing data. In Ultra Hot Deluxe without registration you can play on our website, for example. We wish you good luck and unforgettable emotions!