Wolf Hunters

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  • Producer: Yggdrasil
  • Drums: 5
  • Winning lines: 20
  • RTP: 96.3%
  • Free spins: So
  • Autoplay option: So

Wolf Hunters - free game machine

Wolf Hunters Online is a five -dentine video slot, with which you will move to the dark, dark world of wolves and werewolves. The machine was released in 2018. It was equipped with 20 withdrawn lines of payments. The maximum win possible here is 232,400 coins.

The author of the slot is a large, Scandinavian manufacturer Yggrasil, which you certainly associate with games such as Winfall in Paradise, Medusa Hot 1, 10x Rewind and Wild Joker Stacks. Yggdrasil has been operating on the market since 2013 and has already managed to win many prestigious awards for the best of its games. He is a creator for whom the priority is to bring high quality entertainment to all players who share the same passion.

The leitmotif of the machine are bloodthirsty wolves, which regularly terrorize the surrounding villages and towns. Share gambling It takes place in a large, dark castle. According to the plot of the game, the main characters are werewolves who try to restore the safety of residents.

You can also play Wolf Hunters for free. On our website there is a demo version of the game, thanks to which you can play Wolf Hunters at any time without registration, logging in or even the need to deposit.

Wolf Hunters Slot - main functions

Wolf Hunters is a modern, technically advanced slot that has been enriched with many additional functions. Each game can take place both in the usual mode and using the autoplay function. Thanks to it, the player has the ability to set any number of automatic turnover. In addition, there are special symbols related to specific game functions, for example free spins.

The machine is built from the board with 5 drums and 3 rows. All regular symbols are arranged here in 20 systems set from above, on the basis of which prizes are paid. Wolf Hunters Game automatic is characterized by an average/high variability and RTP index of 96.3%. The minimum plant rate is 0.1, while the maximum - 100 coins.

Wolf Hunters payout table

There are always 20 withdrawals in the game, in which all ordinary symbols are arranged. The player cannot change their number, so each rate can be adjusted with one value for a single line. Each of the 8 game symbols can repeat on the board 3, 4 or 5 times. Here are the values of prizes when setting a rate of 60 tokens:

ssymbol CC kch Dirt
Wilk 50 300 500
Trap 40 150 250
Bottle 30 100 200
Dagger 20 70 150
Red symbol 16 30 70
Purple symbol 16 30 60
Green and blue symbol 10 20 50

How to play Wolf Hunters?

Wolf Hunters Slot is characterized by a standard board size on which all icons are displayed. In the basic game mode to be able to win, at least 3 identical icons should be in one or several victorious configurations. In addition, the game has been expanded to include some additional options, including in the form of bonus symbols or a function related to free revolutions.

The graphic shell that was used in Wolf Hunters is very realistic and was refined with the smallest detail. In the background of the game there is a huge, dark castle, before which the whole action takes place. An additional climate is given by the fact that the game is going on at night. The symbols of the game are depicted by wooden icons symbolizing card figures, but also objects useful when fighting the unclean forces of evil.

The game is accompanied by various sound effects, but the greatest impression is created by ominous music that builds tension in a perfect way. Game animations do not stand out special, but it should be noted that they are liquid and dynamic. Their speed can be changed.

During the game you can use a special console placed right under the right game. This is rather minimalistic, but the settings contained in it allow for full modification of the game. With the help of three buttons located in the middle of the screen, you can perform a single turn, change the autoplay settings or set the highest rate.

On the left are the rate change buttons. Under the button marked as "+" you will find, among others, game or rate settings, but also information about all rules with a payment table. This last menu also contains information such as variance or RTP parameter.

The Wolf Hunters RTP index is exactly 96.3%. This is an average value, which, however, should not be so felt during the game. It is a medium/high variability slot, in which a large part of the winnings involves all additional gameplay options.

Bonuses for playing in Wolf Hunters

During the regular game, the Wild symbol performs its ordinary function. The Wild icon can connect to all regular symbols by replacing the missing and forming winning combinations. In addition, every hit of the Wild symbol will reward you with 1 free turning, during which all Wild symbols act as a Sticky symbol. Each subsequent symbol Wild is an additional spin.

Two hunters are present on both sides of the screen. If a symbol with the image of a werewolf appears on the board, he is attacked by a random hunter. If the fight is winning, the werewolf will turn into a Wild symbol. In the event that bonus symbols appear on the 1 and 5 column, the game activates the 10 free turnover mode, during which the likelihood of the fighting by the hunter will increase.

Hunters can increase their power in free spin mode. To do this, you need to collect bonus symbols of the hunter. Power is symbolized by a special golden strap. If the belt is filled, the player will receive 2 additional turns, and the Wild symbols will get the extension function.

Each of the two hunters has its own individual fury bar. This belt can be filled by winning fights against werewolves. Each filling of fury rewards 10 free spins. At the beginning of the gambling game you will receive 50 and 20 fury points in turn.

Another important indicator is at the very top of the screen. Each struggle of a werewolf reduces the belt of his health. If this reaches 0, 10 killer spins will be launched, in which all the symbols of the werewolf will be turned into Wild symbols and extended to the entire drum.

Review summary

Wolf Hunters is a game that we can definitely recommend. The slot, at least in terms of thematic, should arouse sympathy with players who love horror cinema and horror movies. There are many interesting bonuses that can take a while, but it's worth spending some time before starting playing in Wolf Hunters playing for real money. You can do it for free on our website, playing in Wolf Hunters Demo. We wish you a fruitful game.